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About Onkobronko

I'm an avid guitar player...in a lousy band. Classic Rock covers. I make most of my electric guitars and amps, that's why they sound shitty.
I play competitive darts (steel tip). I always keep one of these little buggers in my butt.
I've got a 1991 full size Ford Bronco that is turning into a pretty neat 4x4. Silver Anniversary model (rare, only 3000 made), 4" lift' 35" tires, redone interior, working on exterior, 351 Windsor. I like to clean it with my tounge.
Gun enthusiast (protection is everything). Politically conservative (I love Trump like hell).
I've got a WONDERFUL girlfriend because of my car.
I live in the BEAUTIFUL Boise, Idaho area. Come and get some.

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Moves This Month55
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Average Rating117211191122
Lowest Rating109810321032
Opponent Average Rating120411271130
Games Rated25158170
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