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About Dez Moynihan

I know I am of Irish descent but all this going backwards in these games and losing most of them is making me real dizzy that's for sure!. got to find me a reverse book if chess to see if I can get myself into first gear and not stuck in reverse and pretty soon or there will be no coming back from this amount of spankings I am getting to the point of not being able to count much higher will have to ask my one and only friend Shirley Google she knows everything or so she tells me!!. doesn't know how to teach me to play a winning game of chess though swear she is stalling me just to keep me paying her teaching fee's!!. also a so we called friend informed me that asking Google there isn't a charge so just proves I am Irish for sure no arguments there oh well got me pawns crossed anyway lol!

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Games Played682
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All Moves19529
Moves This Month114
Tourn. Entry Rating956

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467 games


159 games


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30 games


31 games


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Highest Rating100410041125
Average Rating946916952
Lowest Rating902820797
Opponent Average Rating113511481091
Games Rated64116467
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