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About atticus2

I am winding down in here, step-by-step, and leaving. It's been fun. Thanks for some interesting chats. But my work here is done.

The collapse of anti-cheating measures and widespread engine-use are the reasons. OK, we have what we have. Juksende drittsekk are easy to spot. The leader board has become a farce - no one is 2400+ (and likely 2300+) unaided, including me! I've happily donated cartoon rating points to those that crave them; my graph reflects this.

But these last few weeks, I've been meeting fire with fire on several occasions against the obvious suspects. I've found that Houdini 4 is commonplace; Stockfish too. And it's all become very boring. Engine v. Engine: really, what's the point?

I was once a good CC player (2400+); played for GB in '82 Euros. But that was then, and just the once - before career & kids. Rating range in here (2200-2350) is the same as my published (pre-engine & current) ICCF rating, but a little above my current OTB pay grade.

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