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I am originally from Bellingham, Washington and currently live near Seattle. I first learned to play chess at about age 13, but hadn't played regularly for more than 35 years before finding this web site. I am retired as of 1 Sep 2011 :-). However, I'm told that I flunked retirement since I once returned as a contractor. BTW, if you message me and I don't answer, it is because I didn't notice the text. Please try again. You will no doubt observe that same inattention to detail in my chess moves.

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612 games

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301 games

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311 games

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All Games Played630
In Progress40
All Moves21316
Moves This Month78
Tourn. Entry Rating1302

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612 games


265 games


307 games


40 games

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56 games


1 games


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Highest Rating135513551470
Average Rating129912781345
Lowest Rating124712031186
Opponent Average Rating125413091385
Games Rated2159404
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