The Christian Chess Club

We are becoming active again. If you want multi-tourneys at 1 time, let me know the preferred time controls.

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1706Standard memberMaxtheminnow296104 Mar '22 20:57Club Games
1676SubscriberTheSurgeon7311701 Dec '23 18:00Club Games
1657Standard memberEd T270008 Aug '12 14:20Club Games
1631Standard memberOld Eagle904412 Nov '12 13:21Club Games
1579Subscriberbeatlemania4141225503 Dec '23 06:03Club Games
1503Standard memberJonathan Schmidt3010603 Dec '23 14:24Club Games
1463Standard memberjbaffo244313 Sep '12 01:13Club Games
1432SubscriberZorroTheFox2176130251103 Dec '23 13:47Club Games
1426SubscriberThorin Oakenshield150522602 Dec '23 22:03Club Games
1417Standard memberGary Weaver131772221 Sep '23 01:15Club Games
1417Standard memberbikingviking2511102 Aug '21 04:41Club Games
1407Subscriber2advent3921967603 Dec '23 13:27Club Games
1385Standard memberrjwalls164008 Apr '13 17:51Club Games
1384Standard memberGoodKnight2U269219 Dec '22 09:38Club Games
1342SubscriberPorky10161915703 Dec '23 03:51Club Games
1337Subscriberbdh1913129203 Dec '23 13:26Club Games
1335Standard memberbarstudd3213120 Mar '12 05:23Club Games
1329Standard membersumydid2222418 Jul '13 03:12Club Games
1321Standard memberdhdenbow80611227 Dec '14 21:06Club Games
1319Standard memberUncle Stosh911161909 Nov '17 03:38Club Games
1311Subscriberjecidi6159903 Dec '23 14:29Club Games
1311Standard memberjebry3324101 Jul '14 19:15Club Games
1271Subscriberhallel50451321 Nov '23 16:29Club Games
1246SubscriberCH JJ4643803 Dec '23 08:28Club Games
1237Standard memberPureRWandB1311582303 Dec '23 14:37Club Games
1209Subscribertexasnurse1578262354703 Dec '23 07:01Club Games
1176Standard memberFr Peter West1316230 May '13 11:17Club Games
1172Subscriberalastair nicoll98711803 Dec '23 01:46Club Games
1142Standard membernonnymoose712130 Dec '14 23:24Club Games
1126Standard membersaint isaac2343331 Jan '14 17:27Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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