The Tao of Chess

It's a Yin Yang thing

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1724Standard membercaissad4243202523 Oct '21 23:47Club Games
1455Standard memberTheOldDog153204 Jul '13 16:30Club Games
1432Standard memberLundos159927 Oct '21 07:28Club Games
1400Standard memberItsYouThatIAdore52421524 Jul '12 15:05Club Games
1375Standard memberrandolph2613203 Aug '11 14:45Club Games
1361Standard memberbrownbear159320 Jan '12 21:03Club Games
1351Standard memberTrev33127126 Oct '21 11:41Club Games
1343Standard memberlukeeliot124403 Oct '13 22:35Club Games
1333SubscriberVery Rusty1851033227 Oct '21 23:45Club Games
1332Standard memberrunninfiend148219 Apr '18 11:14Club Games
1329SubscriberJeanTylerGabriel1728128 Oct '21 01:04Club Games
1328Standard memberJohn McRow717503 Apr '18 10:57Club Games
1308Standard memberrbmorris118327 Oct '21 21:35Club Games
1296Standard memberCanadaScotsman137003 Nov '13 19:45Club Games
1288Standard memberMarinkatomb3635225 Jan '19 10:34Club Games
1269Standard memberGovnarSmrti3225228 Feb '10 09:35Club Games
1262Standard membercheshirecatstevens1110029 Jun '17 12:07Club Games
1257Subscriberlausey1712127 Oct '21 17:48Club Games
1250SubscriberTathagatas6371027 Oct '21 19:27Club Games
1239Subscribergladigau3329419 Oct '20 20:41Club Games
1227Standard memberking08095732102 May '21 17:54Club Games
1218Standard memberslappy1152126105 Mar '13 02:46Club Games
1215Standard memberWorrick1820120 Dec '09 02:50Club Games
1214Standard memberPeteyJames1211018 Sep '11 03:29Club Games
1209Subscriberhuckleberryhound2232327 Oct '21 17:35Club Games
1208Standard membermilmark1919508 Aug '19 20:28Club Games
1206Standard memberkyue119210 Jun '09 21:14Club Games
1194Standard memberraces97b1618027 Oct '21 04:02Club Games
1193Standard memberpopawhele3550429 Mar '21 05:07Club Games
1186Standard membermoose6711010029 Jul '08 00:24Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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