Dark Dragon

Just have fun and never take the game too seriously.

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    05 Mar '15 20:59
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    05 Dec '23 00:35
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Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
15511941Subscriberblue birdSubscriberD101305 Dec '23 00:32infoIn progress
15511945Subscriberblue birdSubscriberLHaas7905 Dec '23 00:10infoIn progress
15511830SubscriberLHaas79Subscriberblue bird05 Dec '23 00:06infoIn progress
15288602Subscriberblue birdSubscriberIBeatScurvey04 Dec '23 23:48infoIn progress
15314762Subscriberblue birdSubscriberIBeatScurvey04 Dec '23 23:46infoIn progress
15511935Subscriberblue birdSubscriberRadon04 Dec '23 23:42infoIn progress
15511630SubscriberRadonSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 23:41infoIn progress
15511750SubscriberD1013Subscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 23:36infoIn progress
15486261Subscriberblue birdSubscriberbob5804 Dec '23 23:16infoIn progress
15486252Subscriberbob58Subscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 23:15infoIn progress
15438893Subscriberblue birdSubscriberKing KAT04 Dec '23 22:49infoIn progress
15438892Subscriberblue birdSubscriberScheel04 Dec '23 22:45infoIn progress
15341209SubscriberfelldancerSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 21:57infoResigned (0-1)
15314729DonationrigidwithfearSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 19:51infoIn progress
15388556SubscriberkristjanSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 18:30infoIn progress
15314765Subscriberblue birdSubscriberJayboman157904 Dec '23 18:19infoIn progress
15438889SubscriberScheelSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 15:13infoIn progress
15438896SubscriberKing KATSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 14:57infoIn progress
15197193SubscriberVery RustySubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 14:49infoIn progress
15288592Standard memberCostadSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 07:52infoIn progress
15288605Subscriberblue birdStandard memberCostad04 Dec '23 07:46infoIn progress
15197196Subscriberbob58Subscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 06:59infoIn progress
15470510Subscriberblue birdSubscriberpetshopboy04 Dec '23 05:49infoIn progress
15438886DonationDr. BrainSubscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 05:18infoIn progress
15438891Subscriberblue birdDonationDr. Brain04 Dec '23 05:15infoIn progress
15314772SubscriberJayboman1579Subscriberblue bird04 Dec '23 03:31infoIn progress
15288571SubscriberIBeatScurveySubscriberblue bird02 Dec '23 21:15infoIn progress
15314743SubscriberIBeatScurveySubscriberblue bird02 Dec '23 21:15infoIn progress
15269333Subscriberblue birdSubscriberRed House02 Dec '23 20:53infoIn progress
15151502SubscriberZorroTheFoxSubscriberblue bird02 Dec '23 20:42infoIn progress

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