SG's puzzle torture camp

SG's puzzle torture camp

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Solutions and New Problems

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming to bring solutions to the previous puzzles and new ones for solving.

r6r/2q1kppp/p1ppbn2/8/3QP3/2N5/PPP1BRPP/3R2K1 w - - 0 1
What is white's best move?
1.e5, of course, smashing open the center to get to the black king.
Solved: Thomaster

4K3/3BQp2/4b3/3NkN2/4p3/4B3/8/8 ...

Master Thomas to the Rescue

***Disclaimer: any characters bearing a resemblence to RHP posters, living or dead, is entirely coincidental***

"Boy, wake up!" a voice shouted.

Newcomer jumped, startled from his sleep by the rude interruption. It had better be a lot later than it feels like, he angrily thought.

"Allow me to introduce myself" said the voice, oblivious to his annoyance. "I am schoolmaster Thomas, but you may call me Thomaster for short. Catchy, isn't it?!" ...

The First Days

Newcomer liked chess as much as the next player, but he'd always hated puzzles. So, it was with a sense of relief that he discovered his first tormentor/guard, Milan, secretly believed that problems need not be so different, at least in theme and idea, compared to a real game.

To illustrate his point, he showed the following problem, composed by a distant cousin of his:

Title here

Milan Vukcevic...

The Legend of the Torture Camp...

This blog concerns a place so nightmarish, so hidden and terrible, its existence is denied by the government. It is spoken of only of in whispered rumors, with a suppressed shudder.

The newcomer did not believe the rumors himself. A black-haired man with a goatee was sitting on a bench in the park, poring over a chess position. Newcomer noticed something odd – there were quadrupled pawns on the g-file!

K1k5/p5p1/6p1/6p1/6p1/8/8/7b w - - 0 1

Before he could stop himself, he was at the board. “That is highly unlikely to happen in a normal game!” he blurted out. “And white was awfully generous to give away three pieces to let that happen!!” ...
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