NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberPer Madsenonline132510105224781020 Oct '21 11:29Challenge Player
Standard memberrobrakonline1080964452020 Oct '21 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberErik The Vikingonline1241229123901620 Oct '21 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberdaka2000169812327284426220 Oct '21 10:57Challenge Player
Standard memberPaleRider1865130370146014220 Oct '21 10:41Challenge Player
Standard memberrutan1047618281333420 Oct '21 10:12Challenge Player
Standard memberRobban146110164435244920 Oct '21 09:51Challenge Player
Standard memberDrabanten15474922971494620 Oct '21 09:30Challenge Player
Standard memberHadzo Mujnovic16966013451916520 Oct '21 09:15Challenge Player
SubscriberBarometric197212145522420 Oct '21 08:58Challenge Player
SubscriberTorunn13984882401965220 Oct '21 08:33Challenge Player
Standard memberschalturtjik162710646203747020 Oct '21 08:26Challenge Player
Standard memberMarcusation101936491268520 Oct '21 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberChrister Broström1866215162223120 Oct '21 08:02Challenge Player
Standard memberulferik117871193044394113420 Oct '21 07:28Challenge Player
Standard memberPermov108214175778063420 Oct '21 07:18Challenge Player
Standard memberDoctorc689049762607001620 Oct '21 06:11Challenge Player
Standard memberCristian Nitu1426703560137620 Oct '21 05:43Challenge Player
Standard membertari4321p1580642020 Oct '21 05:14Challenge Player
SubscriberMr Forest117772243557322843920 Oct '21 05:13Challenge Player
Standard memberLoveses1299261145108820 Oct '21 05:08Challenge Player
Standard memberpeterpanpants955631844120 Oct '21 04:51Challenge Player
Subscriberchrekh1428115386324483438020 Oct '21 04:01Challenge Player
Standard memberAgar1952831958620 Oct '21 04:00Challenge Player
Subscriberbeezore188081753320 Oct '21 03:54Challenge Player
SubscriberHasurami12524672382022720 Oct '21 03:15Challenge Player
Subscriberdocjan2239742623675219 Oct '21 21:40Challenge Player
Standard membersbostrom129817489731219 Oct '21 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberluddeq2277248162275919 Oct '21 21:06Challenge Player
Standard memberBodie Broadus15518443974064119 Oct '21 21:04Challenge Player
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