NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberigottawang149117912153516 Apr '24 02:24Challenge Player
Standard memberSPVodka12585782882781215 Apr '24 23:55Challenge Player
Standard memberSimple TK1290518294215915 Apr '24 23:03Challenge Player
Standard memberinfra red130710204895092215 Apr '24 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberVusumuzi12543411621681115 Apr '24 20:47Challenge Player
Standard memberPorker11074472052301215 Apr '24 17:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMat Sanderson116617660114215 Apr '24 15:26Challenge Player
Standard memberBrownSauce12422183111610184915 Apr '24 05:46Challenge Player
Standard memberTinashe Mutsungi Shoko15114242721242814 Apr '24 22:04Challenge Player
Standard memberZambesiboy111616058746745714 Apr '24 20:59Challenge Player
Standard membergs112236333942231614 Apr '24 06:13Challenge Player
Standard memberNakamura So2079209155342014 Apr '24 03:15Challenge Player
Standard memberchimhangwa11318102115673213 Apr '24 03:47Challenge Player
Standard membersteven mbuso159910535674335312 Apr '24 08:09Challenge Player
Standard memberwoodyhouse13341135654304 Mar '24 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberchris van2631390552329324 Feb '24 08:28Challenge Player
Standard memberTadiwaSmartp1200101026 Jan '24 19:25Challenge Player
Standard memberchesscake85p1049817019 Jan '24 07:45Challenge Player
Standard memberswaeleep1200101005 Oct '23 17:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMeccaPraggp1200000001 Oct '23 02:58Challenge Player
Standard memberJager Scharfe128425786162928 Aug '23 17:47Challenge Player
Standard memberThe man himself1360492128012 Jul '23 02:06Challenge Player
Standard memberNYASHA MATASHUp1200101005 May '23 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberGift Graboski Sibandap1200101023 Apr '23 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberCumDumpsterp1200311109 Mar '23 15:25Challenge Player
Standard memberngonidzashe chimbendep1200312026 Jan '23 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberphebionm13521457074128 Dec '22 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberzchimneyp1200000019 Dec '22 22:26Challenge Player
Standard memberfloodzimp1200101019 Dec '22 22:10Challenge Player
Standard membersitty15731376862730 Sep '22 07:03Challenge Player
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