NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membersteven mbuso15959645213925130 Jan '23 00:23Challenge Player
Standard memberZambesiboy114415048236255629 Jan '23 22:02Challenge Player
Standard memberVusumuzi12263011451461029 Jan '23 21:26Challenge Player
Standard memberBrownSauce1083204910439594729 Jan '23 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberJager Scharfe118921867142929 Jan '23 10:22Challenge Player
Standard memberSPVodka12435382622661029 Jan '23 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberinfra red14349824714902129 Jan '23 06:44Challenge Player
Standard membergs112895293321841329 Jan '23 06:21Challenge Player
Standard memberSimple TK1216462264189929 Jan '23 03:55Challenge Player
Standard memberigottawang153016111047428 Jan '23 14:20Challenge Player
Standard memberngonidzashe chimbendep1200000026 Jan '23 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberphebionm13911437072128 Dec '22 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberzchimneyp1200000019 Dec '22 22:26Challenge Player
Standard memberfloodzimp1200101019 Dec '22 22:10Challenge Player
Standard memberchimhangwa11777912105503122 Nov '22 16:03Challenge Player
Standard membersitty15731376862730 Sep '22 07:03Challenge Player
Standard memberRobzNyachotop127415411018 Jul '22 06:36Challenge Player
Standard memberPorker12123251541611017 Jul '22 08:18Challenge Player
Standard memberGwendollyZp998817013 Jul '22 11:57Challenge Player
Standard memberThe man himself1355482028009 Jun '22 17:02Challenge Player
Standard memberOzYouSuckp1052624004 Jun '22 21:41Challenge Player
Standard memberTynaxep1200000030 May '22 02:52Challenge Player
Standard memberTadiwanasheeeep1200000027 Apr '22 00:48Challenge Player
Standard membergeniuschinezp1200000017 Feb '22 15:05Challenge Player
Standard memberRyanballsucker6129p1200101018 Jan '22 04:52Challenge Player
Standard memberbollobp1520852128 Dec '21 13:01Challenge Player
Standard memberUncle14p1200000013 Dec '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberRonin263p1200101016 Nov '21 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberTapdaddyp1200110030 Oct '21 04:59Challenge Player
Standard memberHonky1150521734130 Sep '21 05:00Challenge Player
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