Bosnia and Herzegowina

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBigler19016663342696320 Oct '21 09:29Challenge Player
Standard memberradovanjazic173723202120 Oct '21 06:23Challenge Player
Standard memberItsAndrijaBoysp1200202011 Mar '21 14:26Challenge Player
Standard memberSejop1200101006 Feb '21 23:10Challenge Player
Standard memberblackmamba7501p1200000023 Dec '20 15:18Challenge Player
Standard memberFurunap1200404009 Nov '20 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberTheChessArchitectp1200101017 Apr '20 08:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSlappy White14974753221153819 Aug '19 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberjaziradovanp1200101019 May '19 19:14Challenge Player
Standard memberradovan jazic52p175319172019 May '19 13:37Challenge Player
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