NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberJasaoonline1399188105612220 Oct '21 11:36Challenge Player
SubscriberIsabel Branco1457104737348019420 Oct '21 11:32Challenge Player
Standard memberKanary Grek135120111780420 Oct '21 11:27Challenge Player
Subscribercliff garoup134068072852371823720 Oct '21 11:19Challenge Player
Standard memberjprud15025964201641220 Oct '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBaraoAlfama15523712601011020 Oct '21 10:45Challenge Player
Subscriberdiggars9248983215572020 Oct '21 10:39Challenge Player
Standard membernuts139023671125110413820 Oct '21 10:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBugaloide11049604395021920 Oct '21 09:49Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaomen10847363343713120 Oct '21 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberRedMen13551066043320 Oct '21 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberSCPLisbon1360183010207684220 Oct '21 09:11Challenge Player
Standard memberRicardo Sequeira11053471591771120 Oct '21 09:06Challenge Player
Standard memberbigsizepawn1582146580353512720 Oct '21 08:53Challenge Player
Subscribermlourenco148216197348265920 Oct '21 08:16Challenge Player
Standard membercaptbock148510135184791620 Oct '21 08:03Challenge Player
Standard memberBihuehua132010876224095620 Oct '21 08:00Challenge Player
Standard member3velasquez10371355179520 Oct '21 07:31Challenge Player
Standard memberUhPikaMiolus95914108375423120 Oct '21 07:22Challenge Player
Standard memberyosemitesam13078554353813920 Oct '21 07:08Challenge Player
Standard membernels071269237104131220 Oct '21 07:01Challenge Player
Standard memberbiloba138118047599588720 Oct '21 07:00Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro2Rodriguesp1200110020 Oct '21 06:29Challenge Player
Standard memberdjEdob1095995238920 Oct '21 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo Nixa Santos188916613327620 Oct '21 06:19Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao147729001279143918220 Oct '21 02:44Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira1608363230125820 Oct '21 01:39Challenge Player
Standard memberholandes15295001403431719 Oct '21 23:59Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra12131565595619 Oct '21 23:06Challenge Player
Standard membertomas280p139716133019 Oct '21 22:56Challenge Player
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