NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribercliff garouponline130172463008399224627 Mar '23 11:36Challenge Player
Subscriberdiggarsonline7889423275952027 Mar '23 11:32Challenge Player
Standard memberafpronline11323401711581127 Mar '23 11:31Challenge Player
Standard memberfelizardoonline16182621441031527 Mar '23 11:31Challenge Player
Standard memberdjEdob94414770651227 Mar '23 11:29Challenge Player
Standard memberacm19501643154877763014127 Mar '23 11:21Challenge Player
Standard memberjdias14862152920106017227 Mar '23 11:05Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra11913081191771227 Mar '23 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberBaraoAlfama15674342951261327 Mar '23 10:47Challenge Player
Standard memberjprud14886804801871327 Mar '23 10:45Challenge Player
Standard membernunoalves15253851961583127 Mar '23 10:34Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo Nixa Santos1733246185501127 Mar '23 10:20Challenge Player
Standard memberantoniocosta13861558566427 Mar '23 10:17Challenge Player
Standard memberKanary Grek1231307181122427 Mar '23 10:16Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao135931241378154719927 Mar '23 09:52Challenge Player
Standard memberAguia Contesta13159495783591227 Mar '23 09:45Challenge Player
Standard memberBihuehua137512117054485827 Mar '23 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSCPLisbon1290202811228594727 Mar '23 08:48Challenge Player
Standard memberKosper14123186184312746927 Mar '23 08:45Challenge Player
Standard memberRicardo Sequeira10994281942221227 Mar '23 08:40Challenge Player
Standard memberNando Catota145123185027 Mar '23 08:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBugaloide9749954525241927 Mar '23 08:35Challenge Player
Standard memberFilipePintoSantos1559473411227 Mar '23 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro Marques12827342843965427 Mar '23 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberFC13488584074123927 Mar '23 07:12Challenge Player
Standard membercaptbock149410965665141627 Mar '23 05:49Challenge Player
Standard memberhelpmefred1138512724027 Mar '23 01:30Challenge Player
Subscribermlourenco153117698178836927 Mar '23 00:32Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira14815463371991027 Mar '23 00:20Challenge Player
Standard memberPCA2002116813486676513027 Mar '23 00:12Challenge Player
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