NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribercliff garoup128870472936386824308 Aug '22 23:21Challenge Player
Standard memberRamasutra114923892138808 Aug '22 23:17Challenge Player
Subscribermlourenco158817257968636608 Aug '22 23:14Challenge Player
Standard memberSCPLisbon1414196810968274508 Aug '22 22:56Challenge Player
Standard memberholandes15065311483661708 Aug '22 22:44Challenge Player
Standard memberbigsizepawn1642157186657113408 Aug '22 22:44Challenge Player
Standard memberPaio1978p1428963008 Aug '22 22:42Challenge Player
Standard memberjprud15116494581791208 Aug '22 22:39Challenge Player
Standard memberyosemitesam13459254804034208 Aug '22 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberLuisMSDias14536314311455508 Aug '22 22:26Challenge Player
Standard membernuts136826261220125415208 Aug '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberportuga143326197008 Aug '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberBugaloide10449804485131908 Aug '22 22:10Challenge Player
Standard memberChefe Rama1095391147236808 Aug '22 22:01Challenge Player
Standard membercaptbock138310475354961608 Aug '22 21:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPCA2002113913356576483008 Aug '22 21:58Challenge Player
Standard memberJasao1488253143803008 Aug '22 21:35Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo Nixa Santos186021016834808 Aug '22 21:20Challenge Player
Standard memberAguia Contesta1291844510328608 Aug '22 21:15Challenge Player
SubscriberIsabel Branco1459116542152621808 Aug '22 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberFC12628193893923808 Aug '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberAby2102p1200000008 Aug '22 20:42Challenge Player
Standard memberantonioromao148930341346149219608 Aug '22 20:38Challenge Player
Subscriberdiggars7759333255882008 Aug '22 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberfilipecosteira119313035556796908 Aug '22 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberJoão Martinsp11941385008 Aug '22 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberRlcpmp1200660008 Aug '22 19:33Challenge Player
Standard memberacm19501567153376862613908 Aug '22 19:23Challenge Player
Standard memberjoaomen11358033703993408 Aug '22 19:12Challenge Player
Standard memberFernando de Oliveira15574382741541008 Aug '22 18:39Challenge Player
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