NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberEddygambitonlinep144920164024 Apr '24 22:54Challenge Player
Standard memberzircon1714425041503223224 Apr '24 21:31Challenge Player
Standard membertilixinvest12089674115124424 Apr '24 21:02Challenge Player
Standard memberNetlord1190802850224 Apr '24 19:48Challenge Player
Standard memberDele Sasegbon12924862661922824 Apr '24 19:20Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Lad himself11494031402461724 Apr '24 17:19Challenge Player
SubscriberDarkLite1712220137701324 Apr '24 15:47Challenge Player
Standard membertygermonye165914346397029324 Apr '24 14:46Challenge Player
Standard memberCotton Reel14047673773692124 Apr '24 01:00Challenge Player
Standard memberphellyx12913051651211923 Apr '24 09:45Challenge Player
Standard memberAntonio De La Cruz1542341816023 Apr '24 01:20Challenge Player
Standard memberAdamu Agabus Lamidop1200000019 Apr '24 13:54Challenge Player
Standard memberKayp1200101013 Mar '24 12:46Challenge Player
Standard membergmg16013401571523110 Mar '24 19:53Challenge Player
Standard memberBigPawn19p1200303005 Mar '24 23:47Challenge Player
Standard memberDragonInvase123p1200101029 Feb '24 04:39Challenge Player
Standard memberEmperorManuelp1200404006 Feb '24 22:15Challenge Player
Standard memberdirichip1200101018 Dec '23 11:52Challenge Player
Standard memberCoschie11241241014001 Oct '23 15:57Challenge Player
Standard memberDcypherrp1200202003 Jul '23 19:39Challenge Player
Standard memberDazzie2323p11251138029 Apr '23 04:30Challenge Player
Standard memberviennathebestp1200101025 Apr '23 20:20Challenge Player
Standard memberhillary osahonp1249642012 Apr '23 22:27Challenge Player
Standard memberolamidep1200000012 Apr '23 13:04Challenge Player
Standard memberFascoDagama777p1200101001 Feb '23 10:01Challenge Player
Standard memberdee1p1200303005 Jan '23 23:13Challenge Player
Standard memberEduvie14p1200000023 Nov '22 10:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAdebowale Iyanuoluwa1316462718117 Nov '22 06:12Challenge Player
Standard memberChesshurtsp1200110029 Oct '22 06:52Challenge Player
Standard memberRedVelvet1475865034225 Oct '22 08:10Challenge Player
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