NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberTheBigKat2405138788413636730 Sep '23 13:36Challenge Player
Standard memberprinztec15339305223743430 Sep '23 05:37Challenge Player
Standard memberKcuba13946692004373226 Sep '23 11:23Challenge Player
Standard memberCharlile16432381201001813 Sep '23 03:21Challenge Player
Standard memberNomad84p97719118001 Jun '23 14:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBerrysp1200000022 May '23 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberErvin Likoro10671284284207 May '23 13:38Challenge Player
Standard memberLukas Amakali11691809285318 Jan '23 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSibusisop1200101025 Jun '22 14:27Challenge Player
Standard memberABC Terminatorp1200000030 Jan '22 05:58Challenge Player
Standard memberTitus Iipinge Ndinoshisho Iitap1200000018 Dec '21 12:47Challenge Player
Standard memberNicoIV3p1200101010 Oct '21 18:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGhrass124223176027 Sep '21 06:54Challenge Player
Standard memberalmalja169368569322 Sep '21 10:04Challenge Player
Standard memberArie86p1200100121 Aug '21 01:37Challenge Player
Standard memberVictor91p1200000020 Aug '21 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberfikm2021p1200303028 Jul '21 19:23Challenge Player
Standard memberTomorrow Trutherp1057606014 Jul '21 18:31Challenge Player
Standard memberPandu1990p1200202014 Jul '21 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberI am chessp1200101020 Jun '21 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberBobjubahri12811428155620 Jun '21 09:41Challenge Player
Standard memberLazarus Lazito15362481221002605 May '21 14:16Challenge Player
Standard memberFlocke2013p1200000005 Dec '20 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberSniper 3Dp102711110002 Dec '20 19:20Challenge Player
Standard memberKavedi Bossp105122616030 Nov '20 18:33Challenge Player
Standard memberCleo Nasdaqp104712210013 Nov '20 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberPrinsloop1200101011 Aug '20 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberBuckskin Frank170029280101 Aug '20 18:31Challenge Player
Standard memberpower susiep86617116023 Jun '20 10:07Challenge Player
Standard memberGCA2020p1200000008 Mar '20 01:03Challenge Player
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