NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberkcrally8238633135292102 Oct '22 00:33Challenge Player
Standard memberShomli1213339131202601 Oct '22 20:15Challenge Player
Subscriberdunhill201787326253541901 Oct '22 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberndungi140014905409123801 Oct '22 17:40Challenge Player
Standard memberkololo13546633802592401 Oct '22 07:45Challenge Player
Standard memberDaniel Okeke1187789201583525 Sep '22 13:58Challenge Player
Standard memberGatesthe12thp1200303013 Sep '22 22:53Challenge Player
Standard memberSpartap1200101008 Sep '22 11:17Challenge Player
Standard memberOllykenya10521666399417 Jul '22 03:03Challenge Player
Standard memberCallmeBreep1200000001 May '22 17:10Challenge Player
Standard memberRayler111p1200101016 Apr '22 21:42Challenge Player
Standard memberKaren Monique1049582825504 Mar '22 11:16Challenge Player
Standard memberTheslav1165822653319 Feb '22 21:52Challenge Player
Standard memberfred karanja12002271161011026 Dec '21 15:19Challenge Player
Standard memberSe brianp1200000008 Nov '21 10:53Challenge Player
Standard memberHead Councilp1200303024 Aug '21 04:54Challenge Player
Standard memberDavidmichaelsp1200101027 Jun '21 00:44Challenge Player
Standard memberCarlos Chirchirp1200000021 Jun '21 13:29Challenge Player
SubscriberCthaeh1220412317104 Jan '21 21:03Challenge Player
Standard memberTwo Virgilsp1200202018 Oct '20 19:22Challenge Player
Standard memberfire2020p1200000025 Sep '20 08:52Challenge Player
Standard memberEuginep1200000007 Sep '20 16:15Challenge Player
Standard memberkingslayer254p1200202018 Aug '20 07:36Challenge Player
Standard membersk19475p1200101009 Jul '20 05:29Challenge Player
Standard memberRedtedp1200000029 Jun '20 06:31Challenge Player
Standard memberblockbuster2p1200312020 Jun '20 12:10Challenge Player
Standard memberTonykipstap1200000021 Feb '20 19:43Challenge Player
Standard memberFlemmingp1200000017 Feb '20 10:58Challenge Player
Standard membertamigo1412684422229 Nov '19 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberLordPawnoricp1634550010 Oct '19 15:47Challenge Player
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