NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribergsunnenonline1407138071556510020 Mar '23 15:50Challenge Player
Standard memberStefano Gattionlinep948505020 Mar '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberMichelisssonlinep1578740320 Mar '23 15:42Challenge Player
Standard memberStregone128877783970338742120 Mar '23 15:36Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLollo13717793863732020 Mar '23 15:33Challenge Player
Standard membersiro121241862757220 Mar '23 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc144510075754032920 Mar '23 15:18Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG51741424289874820 Mar '23 15:15Challenge Player
Standard memberMy name is RobertPaulsen1198613819420 Mar '23 15:09Challenge Player
Standard memberGajo Richie16659034274017520 Mar '23 14:56Challenge Player
Standard memberFilippo Ferri 31182824437120 Mar '23 14:36Challenge Player
Standard membercar6210012458123411893520 Mar '23 13:52Challenge Player
Standard memberslacri135332181386159323920 Mar '23 13:38Challenge Player
Standard memberberenice13598404024191920 Mar '23 13:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJoeThebag1099933754220 Mar '23 13:17Challenge Player
Standard memberdompis15815272962121920 Mar '23 13:15Challenge Player
Standard memberguidoiop142117125020 Mar '23 13:08Challenge Player
SubscriberD4V137053972815208050220 Mar '23 12:58Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki1423270123145220 Mar '23 12:43Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16854701712653420 Mar '23 12:39Challenge Player
SubscriberOrsocurioso121117218128139620 Mar '23 12:36Challenge Player
Standard memberLuca59p1729550020 Mar '23 12:32Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas127920811981820 Mar '23 12:30Challenge Player
Standard memberVic891181199102811620 Mar '23 12:25Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste158115157527085520 Mar '23 12:21Challenge Player
Subscribermdmone1686206399996410020 Mar '23 12:18Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1921135872648614620 Mar '23 11:41Challenge Player
Standard membergaudinif179531427928720 Mar '23 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberRichie Gajo164027891449107426620 Mar '23 11:37Challenge Player
Standard memberrichie sequito gajo1793145674857813020 Mar '23 11:29Challenge Player
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