NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGiulio Recalde Miranda1474975441217 Aug '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberrichie sequito gajo170510805584269617 Aug '22 21:43Challenge Player
Standard memberRichie Gajo14892538132897024017 Aug '22 21:39Challenge Player
SubscriberGinoblack16639025123444617 Aug '22 21:36Challenge Player
Standard memberStregone141474463795324440717 Aug '22 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberberenice13547453573731517 Aug '22 21:29Challenge Player
Standard memberTonyForty1124551936017 Aug '22 21:15Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG51917303204613817 Aug '22 21:01Challenge Player
Standard memberMarco71176518979902017 Aug '22 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu135711426094755817 Aug '22 20:31Challenge Player
SubscriberDronealfa1884132170247514417 Aug '22 20:19Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLollo1388511256249617 Aug '22 20:12Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc14728845073522517 Aug '22 20:11Challenge Player
Standard membercar6211122292114611133317 Aug '22 20:02Challenge Player
Standard membervision19591431131249172110017 Aug '22 20:01Challenge Player
Standard member19elettra82p161115140117 Aug '22 20:00Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina120713586316567117 Aug '22 19:32Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98122814827027146617 Aug '22 19:31Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61125214727246866217 Aug '22 19:30Challenge Player
Standard memberMto CIULATOV12796193502274217 Aug '22 19:19Challenge Player
Standard memberdompis15964932752011717 Aug '22 18:39Challenge Player
Standard membercesaresala1594507346152917 Aug '22 18:32Challenge Player
Standard membergabritad14571367356717 Aug '22 18:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina122214657276786017 Aug '22 18:11Challenge Player
Standard memberlromano16574461632513217 Aug '22 18:08Challenge Player
Standard memberslacri134230951338152623117 Aug '22 17:55Challenge Player
Subscribergianfrancolevati1096284793818446517 Aug '22 17:41Challenge Player
Subscriberrafl70196321516442917 Aug '22 17:40Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni15921399343317 Aug '22 17:33Challenge Player
SubscriberD4V139552202709201749417 Aug '22 17:21Challenge Player
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