NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberslacrionline138333791459167624403 Oct '23 07:05Challenge Player
Standard memberbereniceonline12849334434682203 Oct '23 06:59Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunkc143811416544523503 Oct '23 06:52Challenge Player
Standard membervision19591467158157988212003 Oct '23 06:47Challenge Player
Standard memberClone 0313937624622811903 Oct '23 06:40Challenge Player
Standard memberPipolandp1200000003 Oct '23 06:32Challenge Player
Standard memberzucco661655714525103 Oct '23 06:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoemarina107315307047477903 Oct '23 06:19Challenge Player
Standard memberlollb98108416948038167503 Oct '23 06:16Challenge Player
Standard membercar6210582629131112803803 Oct '23 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunob61108716498097716903 Oct '23 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberbenmarina104216488007737503 Oct '23 06:13Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLollo14779965024672703 Oct '23 06:05Challenge Player
Standard memberMto CIULATOV11926853872554303 Oct '23 05:45Challenge Player
Standard memberLe chevalier214198914303 Oct '23 05:40Challenge Player
Standard memberkubu124713206915577203 Oct '23 05:30Challenge Player
Standard membersiro1212191274083403 Oct '23 05:26Challenge Player
Subscribergsunnen1361144474160110203 Oct '23 04:25Challenge Player
SubscriberFilippo Regni177724517170403 Oct '23 03:12Challenge Player
Standard memberspeste149916167937576603 Oct '23 02:27Challenge Player
Standard memberEfijmG518605163581045402 Oct '23 23:30Challenge Player
Standard memberrichie sequito gajo1699170183271115802 Oct '23 23:02Challenge Player
Standard memberquamas133722713287802 Oct '23 22:14Challenge Player
Standard memberguidoio159739318002 Oct '23 22:07Challenge Player
Standard memberRicbgnt12191387061702 Oct '23 21:29Challenge Player
Standard memberDonCiccio13937212514056502 Oct '23 21:08Challenge Player
Standard memberJoeThebag11681064361202 Oct '23 20:50Challenge Player
SubscriberMeti19821820310219632802 Oct '23 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberStregone134781184160352243602 Oct '23 19:46Challenge Player
Standard memberCiro Piccolo104217677639327202 Oct '23 19:37Challenge Player
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