NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBKOD1695207154431020 Mar '23 15:47Challenge Player
Standard memberiranpeyma1452216011489169620 Mar '23 15:12Challenge Player
Standard membertiraxtur135949831913275931120 Mar '23 15:06Challenge Player
Standard memberiragsafarian18844692222202720 Mar '23 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberHazy Daze141945081960233721120 Mar '23 14:38Challenge Player
Standard memberhasab551551188786788313720 Mar '23 14:29Challenge Player
Standard membertrack1591196488190717620 Mar '23 14:25Challenge Player
Standard memberPersian PawnStar131410557003391620 Mar '23 13:53Challenge Player
Standard memberahmadh160638661574200229020 Mar '23 12:39Challenge Player
Standard membermahyar115862425912132818520 Mar '23 12:07Challenge Player
Standard memberRaxChess143612626665603619 Mar '23 21:07Challenge Player
Standard memberDatis202116151379440319 Mar '23 13:22Challenge Player
Standard membersamandr18406183292187118 Mar '23 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberahooraee1226198581211126118 Mar '23 14:57Challenge Player
Standard membersanam1222223094312186918 Mar '23 09:25Challenge Player
Standard membermasam20201267391393371517 Mar '23 06:41Challenge Player
Standard membergusfring202023p1200000002 Mar '23 17:28Challenge Player
Standard memberalimomeni7329127153152002 Mar '23 16:27Challenge Player
Standard membernegin82p1200000021 Jan '23 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMohammad123456789p1200000008 Jan '23 18:40Challenge Player
Standard memberaydinAGFp1200000008 Jan '23 06:45Challenge Player
Standard membercreepadp1200000007 Jan '23 11:17Challenge Player
Standard memberMonollitp1124615028 Nov '22 17:12Challenge Player
Standard memberasadzadeh1544189092282714123 Oct '22 04:28Challenge Player
Standard memberVahid Bakhship11601789012 Oct '22 22:41Challenge Player
Standard membermoradi336p1200000015 Sep '22 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberAhoorap1200101030 Aug '22 17:16Challenge Player
Standard memberreza8111801085252430 Aug '22 09:06Challenge Player
Standard memberKam Mp1200312026 Aug '22 14:47Challenge Player
Standard membermjay81911441031324 Jul '22 09:51Challenge Player
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