NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberkocsardyonline87413456306605502 Mar '24 13:42Challenge Player
Standard membergabor10875552462901902 Mar '24 13:26Challenge Player
Subscribernehezugy10942305117910735302 Mar '24 13:25Challenge Player
Standard memberRokker Zsooti122917283761302 Mar '24 13:17Challenge Player
Standard memberHomolyaG19151920154627210202 Mar '24 13:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGyongyikep169314131002 Mar '24 12:33Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackstone8313005642872631402 Mar '24 11:13Challenge Player
Standard memberKempelen11893091561361702 Mar '24 07:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbano andras153021214261902 Mar '24 06:46Challenge Player
Standard memberhoper11672731241311802 Mar '24 05:46Challenge Player
Standard memberGrandjean13901016038302 Mar '24 03:32Challenge Player
Standard memberbudapestsimonp142720137001 Mar '24 22:37Challenge Player
Standard membertoth69d140010974206265101 Mar '24 09:27Challenge Player
Standard memberszabo tibor1058496173314929 Feb '24 17:00Challenge Player
Standard memberanico14045103831171029 Feb '24 16:56Challenge Player
Standard memberFDodi2203382651520710429 Feb '24 16:30Challenge Player
Standard memberSamu Csp116519710221 Feb '24 15:35Challenge Player
Standard memberkoves1751423291904218 Feb '24 08:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAndro965171117395651306 Feb '24 17:13Challenge Player
Standard memberPetip1200520322 Jan '24 19:05Challenge Player
Standard memberErik12p1255832322 Jan '24 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberdompeer11817014672161814 Jan '24 19:00Challenge Player
Standard memberConstantinescu Emil1901316210545210 Dec '23 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberpaulnagy5014497220371516 Nov '23 07:42Challenge Player
Standard memberPilis Peter157214557046599227 Aug '23 08:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRitzyp1200312017 Aug '23 15:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjozsi2114546523482703406 Aug '23 17:03Challenge Player
Standard memberzongoristap1200000031 Jul '23 12:57Challenge Player
Standard membermarci jakus98430556244521 May '23 16:43Challenge Player
Standard memberjani987614391065841722 Apr '23 07:20Challenge Player
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