NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membertoth69d12299473585454428 Sep '21 19:37Challenge Player
SubscriberDreamthief15358684173718028 Sep '21 18:43Challenge Player
Standard memberbano andras143917212148328 Sep '21 18:32Challenge Player
Standard membergtu1396904940128 Sep '21 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjozsi211227703133628 Sep '21 17:42Challenge Player
Standard membergabor122719587981028 Sep '21 17:37Challenge Player
Standard memberHomolyaG1903157312452398928 Sep '21 16:05Challenge Player
Standard memberkocsardy107112095785815028 Sep '21 15:37Challenge Player
Standard memberanico1345444331105828 Sep '21 15:34Challenge Player
Subscribernehezugy109913717206133828 Sep '21 14:17Challenge Player
Standard memberPilis Peter151113266505968028 Sep '21 12:31Challenge Player
Standard memberFDodi219697224571768928 Sep '21 12:16Challenge Player
Standard memberdompeer11396204271771628 Sep '21 06:46Challenge Player
Standard memberpaulnagy5014545816301228 Sep '21 02:29Challenge Player
Standard memberAndro965155714878571327 Sep '21 17:57Challenge Player
Standard memberConstantinescu Emil1868286195514027 Sep '21 13:46Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackstone8313395362742491326 Sep '21 16:15Challenge Player
Standard memberhoper11742301011121722 Sep '21 12:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjose mendez15014712321954413 Sep '21 19:36Challenge Player
Standard memberbooksforeeurope91319010978325 Aug '21 08:02Challenge Player
Standard memberlaszlodr9031053665425 Aug '21 07:59Challenge Player
Standard memberlaszlohorvath834289166115825 Aug '21 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBalintp11871459024 Aug '21 10:11Challenge Player
Standard memberJozsef Feher120315578296507822 Aug '21 11:48Challenge Player
Standard membertomi58911057643824218 Aug '21 07:29Challenge Player
Standard memberSzofip72412011113 Aug '21 11:13Challenge Player
Standard memberkoves1726302175874031 Jul '21 14:40Challenge Player
Standard memberSimonhp1135844006 Jul '21 14:14Challenge Player
Standard memberUdder15937054122425107 Jun '21 04:35Challenge Player
Standard memberDániel Adamicskap14541284017 May '21 12:20Challenge Player
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