Equatorial Guinea

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberfinchY10p1200413004 Dec '16 10:23Challenge Player
Standard memberdread100p1200202004 May '13 04:58Challenge Player
Standard memberLexasanp1200101019 Feb '11 10:10Challenge Player
Standard memberEmma Frost851311118228 Mar '10 05:36Challenge Player
Standard memberwharrisp1200532014 Jul '09 16:38Challenge Player
Standard memberChessFiendp1200101015 Jan '08 17:56Challenge Player
Standard memberblomquistp1617550005 Oct '06 19:52Challenge Player
Standard memberantcomp1200202022 Feb '06 18:17Challenge Player
Standard memberSimon Willettsp1153505023 Dec '05 21:59Challenge Player
Standard memberWhatzaJVGp13791248022 Nov '05 04:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSipherp880909015 Jul '05 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberFernandoPartridgep11891989225 Mar '05 16:29Challenge Player
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