NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberSammy Valagui16074812991503216 Apr '24 03:37Challenge Player
Standard membersmquijano107710214755103616 Apr '24 01:50Challenge Player
Standard memberbeto14264391872104216 Apr '24 01:09Challenge Player
Standard memberantonio spagnol15958283793579215 Apr '24 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberagmm198514674942072681915 Apr '24 22:29Challenge Player
Standard memberelvuelodelcondor1493402513215 Apr '24 17:02Challenge Player
Subscriberoproch1506744425515 Apr '24 00:39Challenge Player
Standard memberAlmagrandep1200000014 Apr '24 23:13Challenge Player
Standard memberjemorales12778473734215314 Apr '24 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberGruve164049252876156648311 Apr '24 13:26Challenge Player
Standard memberMartin Eduardop1039909010 Apr '24 13:28Challenge Player
Standard memberValentinmolina1379187100681930 Mar '24 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberIshigamip1367871028 Mar '24 23:38Challenge Player
Standard membercachor9914443581321963022 Feb '24 03:04Challenge Player
Standard memberanalyze123160310565291121 Feb '24 21:08Challenge Player
Standard memberjorgeespagnol16434121851854221 Feb '24 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberrperez200910486633256011 Feb '24 14:56Challenge Player
Standard memberacastano182012566215904505 Jan '24 15:29Challenge Player
Standard memberoldkami1629523910309 Nov '23 16:29Challenge Player
Standard memberhaovp1200101004 Sep '23 01:02Challenge Player
Standard memberenrikeq132515066248394328 Aug '23 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberdesert malignp1200101009 Jul '23 23:20Challenge Player
Standard memberProfZaius1352704027308 Jul '23 23:24Challenge Player
Standard memberAdam Floridablancap1136532011 Jun '23 13:54Challenge Player
Standard memberyakozunap1200211031 May '23 12:44Challenge Player
Standard memberlupovp1200101018 May '23 00:09Challenge Player
Standard memberdabladuap740808024 Mar '23 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberfcop1200101010 Mar '23 02:52Challenge Player
Standard memberXua360p1200110024 Dec '22 23:24Challenge Player
Standard memberJairo rendonp1200330028 Nov '22 15:08Challenge Player
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