Rival Chess

Rival For Android, Windows and UCI

About Rival

Red Hot Pawn has been created by the authors of Rival Chess which can be downloaded from the links on this page. Rival Chess is a standalone program and is not required to use the online chess features of RedHotPawn.

Play Rival Chess on your Android phone

Rival Chess is now availble as a free download for Android phones.

Note : Rival for Android is not a client for playing chess on RedHotPawn.com

Download current version from the Android market place/app store.

Download ad free version from the Amazon app store.

JAVA UCI Engine (as used in the Android App)

The current Java UCI version of the Rival engine, as used in the Android App is available for download at RivalChess.com

Previous C++ Rival UCI engine (2006)

The UCI version of Rival can be used as an engine in UCI-compatible GUIs such as Fritz and Arena. The UCI version does not include an opening library (please use the opening book features of the GUI within which it is running).

Download Rival UCI 1.18 for Windows

Rival for DOS (legacy - included just for completeness)

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