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Hardcore Tournaments!1104 Jun '19 22:04chessturdVery Rusty
Tournament timeouts415 Jan '19 20:46cawsddynvenda
Vacation Leave206 Dec '18 13:18acwmwmiller
Tournament Banding105 Dec '18 19:11acwacw
Less tournaments available now?313 Nov '18 12:30johnnybikeRuss
Chess tournament between other chess sites425 Oct '18 16:03Archrivaljohnnybike
Unexplained moves314 Sep '18 21:29Barry MillerBarry Miller
Upper Bandings for Tournaments (Again)704 Aug '18 22:20pzn2pawnpzn2pawn
Resign after 1 move?416 Jul '18 18:37Tom WolseyTom Wolsey
Tournaments for non subscribers330 Jun '18 06:33BidingMyTimeBidingMyTime
Alekhine tournament204 Jun '18 13:38Bob KramerBaronVonChickenpants
Pairings Group414 May '18 04:37acwKewpie
Joining matches with a rating far below rthe ra...313 Apr '18 14:26yravobyravob
Matches to join206 Apr '18 12:03yravobvenda
E-mails221 Feb '18 19:38kingcolemkvenda
Tournaments or clan challenges - info required ...311 Feb '18 06:36king0809king0809
Tournament requests:213 Jan '18 08:58Jayhawk34ptriple42
Dead Man Moving109 Jan '18 14:42vanderveldevandervelde
Tournament Bandings402 Jan '18 07:37RussUnfriendlyGiant
If there is a specific format you want....1025 Nov '17 00:56Russmchill
1785-1900 tourney... 3 more entrants required206 Nov '17 13:1464squaresofpain64squaresofpain
Tournaments330 Sep '17 20:31dsdkykvenda
Tournament rating bands711 Sep '17 14:04jmwinridervenda
lower rating tournies104 Sep '17 19:18SculptorBlokeSculptorBloke
3 day tournaments302 Sep '17 06:01padgerpadger
1700-2000 banded tourneys1608 Aug '17 05:3464squaresofpainmlb62
Queen in distress...325 Jul '17 23:11michelleon64squaresofpain
Come on!110 Jul '17 08:09Pauline CalfPauline Calf
How many games?226 Jun '17 07:49gregsflatRagwort
Tournament entry limits319 Jun '17 16:59HiChiefgedwin

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