1. Boston, MA
    15 Mar '21
    05 Jul '21 20:02
    Will move in a few months and need a car. I'd like an electric car, but it seems unlikely an apartment parking area would have chargers.

    I'm thinking the only practical solution for the area I'm going may be a plugin hybrid. Something like a Honda Clarity with a 20 KWH battery might work well. I could charge it an hour a couple days a week while walking in the park. But still, I'd rather not have all that internal combustion supporting paraphernalia in there if it can be avoided.

    Anyone have experience running an electric car while renting an apartment? How hard on a battery is fast DC charging? There's a new Hyundai coming out that's supposed to handle charging at hundreds of KW. Would the battery hold up if that's all you ever did or are you expected to usually slow charge (7.2 KW)?

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