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    02 Apr '07 02:00
    Originally posted by Phlabibit
    That's if he can even read... but I'm not implying anything by saying that.

    Exactly - case proven.
    Thank you.
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    08 Dec '04
    03 Apr '07 13:52
    Originally posted by Dr Strangelove
    I notice that many other cc sites are more easy-going with games for non-subscribers.
    Just something I have noticed - I ain't pushing for change here or anything but would that not be classed as an advantage for them over this site?

    Ps; Even gameknot doesn't give a vacation disadvantage to free members.
    [apparently they get a bit longer, tha ...[text shortened]... 's another slip in the ratings surely?

    That's if you are doing an unbiased comparison.
    Good point. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

    I intend my reviews of pay sites to reflect the features subscribers have access to, but also try to mention something of the guests' experience. Some sites make no such distinction; others vary significantly as to the extent that non-paying members get access to the many available features.

    Of course I'm not biased, as I have nothing at stake at any sites (except the free months I get at CW). I write based on my experiences as a consumer, and the experiences of others as I learn of them through forums such as this.
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