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    02 Mar '19
    10 Oct '19 12:57
    When you have completed games i have noticed that the only option is to Archive the games into a Archive folder, i have never seen an option to Delete completed games only to Archive them. I see no options from Archive folder for deleting games either, one may wonder why delete the games well one could end up with thousands eventually.... Does anyone have a solution on Red Hot Pawn on how to delete games from the Archived folder!?
  2. SubscriberKewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    20 Jan '09
    10 Oct '19 13:55

    Archived games can never be deleted because they each belong to two players. The only time games can be deleted are before the first 2 moves have been played. The size of the database is only a problem for the site owner.
  3. SubscriberSuzianne
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    Isle of Misfit Toys
    08 Aug '03
    11 Oct '19 10:02
    Plus, all of the games played here are in the database so you can shuffle through and see how many players here played that pawn move in the Latvian Gambit, or how popular some variation of the Sicilian is.

    Deleting games runs counter to this function.
  4. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    11 Oct '19 15:06
    Archived games also help clan captains judge a potential opponent's strength in order to match up fair challenges.

    They have also proved to be useful evidence of cheating, in a few cases.
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