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    10 Dec '11
    16 Dec '15 21:38
    is the title of Sam Peckinpah's film, and this summer on a cable channel during an insomniac night I saw this film followed by Marnie by Alfred Hitchcock.
    Funny combination of movies, isn't it?

    Well, I remembered this to-night, at the theater, as I was attending a play Un ouvrage de dames by Jean-Claude Daneau.
    (Serbian language, Belgrade theater, three esteemed actresses.)

    Three women talk on the bench in a park.
    At first there are only two women. They sit on the bench with their baskets from which there are baguettes protruding as swords.

    It happened that one of them had a head if her husband in the basket. She asked for help another woman, an experienced widow.
    Black comedy.
    The were talking about a widower, who is now 90 year old nut who had 5 wives. He was and remained a womanizer and they felr sorry for her last wife recently passed away. They were condemning his scandalous behaviour during awake: he was chasing their maid even then.
    One of those women, that who cut of her husband's head, said-->
    "The dead woman should raise and open her eyes"
    "What is the use? She was blind!"

    "My husband used to beat me every night and he did it unit I stopped cheating him..."
    "How did you kill him?"
    "Accident. I went to the kitchen and opened a drawer, there were knives there and one dropped out and so..."

    The widow tried to help her colleague woman to hide the crime by giving the head to a third woman, some crazy fantast; she said to her to deliver the package to widow's brother, a legless colonel (who lost his legs when jumped from the train after he raped few school girls in train toilet). But the third woman was in love with beheaded man and she kept the head (*"I am so crazy for packages I open every package I can get!"😉 and she ate the man's brain and kept the scull.

    "What did you do with the brain"
    "I ate it. I cooked it with onion very quickly..."
    "So that is the way you prepare brain.." said the widow. "I pre-cook it first in water with winegar, than add tomatoes.."
    And the killer woman said"
    "I prepare brain donuts...!"

    And I was so happy for I am not married. That is what happens to men in marriage.

    Sam Peckinpah's movies was so good.
    And I never heard of that Jean-Claude Daneau. It must be a pen of some woman writer.