1. Subscriberkevcvs57
    The wrong side of 60
    22 Dec '11
    15 Oct '21 10:21
    @contenchess said

    People with the Vax still spread the virus.
    Even your anti white news stations say that. 🙄
    Granted but they are about 90% less likely to die of it or clog up the hospitals gasping for air.
    It’s also self evident that someone whose not coughing and spluttering is much less likely to pass the virus on to those around them.
    Get vaccinated and wear a mask, it’s not rocket science.
  2. Joined
    05 Nov '06
    15 Oct '21 11:11
    @suzianne said
    All you white boys have zero idea what it's actually like to lose your freedom. You know how to take it away from people not like you, but that's about it. You talking about "losing" your freedom is the worst kind of bad joke.
    Us white boys created this country hun.
  3. Joined
    05 Nov '06
    15 Oct '21 11:121 edit
    @kevcvs57 said
    Now I know your a lying St Petersburg troll thanks for the confirmation.
    So your claiming Putin is duly democratically elected president of Russia 😂😂
    why not? you claim brandon is duly elected
  4. Joined
    27 Jul '10
    15 Oct '21 11:23
    @jimm619 said
    ...............Funny how Fox News & Company rant on with their
    Anti-Vax sentiments when, the truth is, Fox News Corporation
    has a vaccine mandate for all employees or
    they must take a Covid test EVERY DAY~!
    This post evidences how libs do not see an issue. I require all of my employees, the ones in closed spaces or ones who enter the office, to be vaccinated.. I have a right to do that. I am vaccinated. But the issue is that no one should be forced to Vax. American citizens are free to Not Vax. Why is this so hard to understand? Do you think that my requiring employees to vax, and a citizen's freedom not to Vax, are connected.? They are not.
    So if someone works at my firm, and does not want to vax, they are free to move on in their lives in any way they choose. I love this country.
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