Grandmaster Games Database
Erich Eliskases vs Yuri Averbakh½-½421952Saltsjobaden InterzonalD38King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Robert Byrne vs Erich Eliskases1-0741952Helsinki olmD36QGD Exchange, positional lineBrowse
Larry D Evans vs Erich Eliskases0-1541952HavanaD61Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Efim Geller vs Erich Eliskases½-½671952Saltsjobaden InterzonalC07Reti OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Erich Eliskases½-½691952HavanaE02Catalan Open, 5.Qa4Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Erich Eliskases½-½241952Saltsjobaden InterzonalE07Reti OpeningBrowse
Alexander Kotov vs Erich Eliskases1-0531952Saltsjobaden InterzonalD51QGD 5...c6Browse
Erich Eliskases vs Edward Lasker½-½291952HavanaD04Reti OpeningBrowse
Miguel Najdorf vs Erich Eliskases½-½401952HavanaE01Queen's gambit declinedBrowse
Ludek Pachman vs Erich Eliskases½-½251952Helsinki olmB54Sicilian Prins (Moscow) variationBrowse
Erich Eliskases vs Ludek Pachman1-0391952Saltsjobaden InterzonalA06Reti Nimzovich-Larsen attackBrowse
Erich Eliskases vs Tigran V Petrosian½-½251952Saltsjobaden InterzonalE95Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Herman Pilnik vs Erich Eliskases½-½791952Saltsjobaden InterzonalC07French Tarrasch, Open variationBrowse
Samuel Reshevsky vs Erich Eliskases1-0341952HavanaD37QGD 4.Nf3Browse
Gideon Stahlberg vs Erich Eliskases½-½421952Saltsjobaden InterzonalD69Queen's gambit declinedBrowse
Erich Eliskases vs Laszlo Szabo0-1371952Saltsjobaden InterzonalA32Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Erich Eliskases vs Mark Taimanov½-½281952Saltsjobaden InterzonalA07Reti OpeningBrowse
Wolfgang Unzicker vs Erich Eliskases½-½451952Saltsjobaden InterzonalB73Sicilian Dragon variationBrowse
    Feb 15 1913
    Feb 02 1997

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