Grandmaster Games Database
Zoltan Almasi vs Robert Huebner½-½141999Mitropa CupC10French Burn variationBrowse
Kiril Georgiev vs Robert Huebner1-0331999Eu Team ChD20Queen's gambit acceptedBrowse
Timo Straeter vs Robert Huebner0-1411999Bundesliga 9899D18Queen's gambit acceptedBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Karsten Mueller½-½451999Bundesliga 9899D47QGD Slav defenceBrowse
Dorin Rogozenko vs Robert Huebner½-½221999Bundesliga 9899D95King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Rainer Knaak1-0391999Bundesliga 9899E11Queen's pawnBrowse
Stuart Conquest vs Robert Huebner1-0411999Bundesliga 9899C73Ruy Lopez Modern Steinitz defence, Rich...Browse
Robert Huebner vs Edvins Kengis1-0551999DPMM sf Solingen-GodesbergE12Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Rafael Vaganian vs Robert Huebner1-0481999DPMM f Porz-SolingenD18Reti OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Peter Wells½-½471999Bundesliga 9899C55Two knights defence (Modern Bishop's Op...Browse
Peter Enders vs Robert Huebner0-1451999Bundesliga 9899C18French Winawer, Advance, poisoned pawn ...Browse
Christian Weiss vs Robert Huebner0-1491999Mitropa CupD18Reti OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Dusko Pavasovic½-½901999Mitropa CupA90English Opening Agincourt variationBrowse
Giulio Borgo vs Robert Huebner0-1521999Mitropa CupC17French Winawer, Advance, Bogolyubov var...Browse
Robert Huebner vs Igor Stohl½-½341999Mitropa CupA18Queen's pawnBrowse
Luc Bergez vs Robert Huebner½-½411999Mitropa CupC01Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Zdenko Kozul vs Robert Huebner½-½551999Mitropa CupD94Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Tomas Oral½-½521999Mitropa CupA32Gedult's OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Joseph Gallagher½-½421999Mitropa CupE68King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Arno Zude vs Robert Huebner0-1541999Bundesliga 9899C02Benko's OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Jan Timman½-½141999Bundesliga 9899C43Petrov Modern attack, Symmetrical varia...Browse
Robert Huebner vs Lutz Mattick½-½361999Berlin blindfold simE14English Symmetrical variationBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Rainer Albrecht½-½411999Berlin blindfold simA16English Anglo-Gruenfeld, Czech defenseBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Norbert Sprotte½-½351999Berlin blindfold simE11Queen's pawnBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Wladimir Schilow1-0471999Berlin blindfold simC10French Paulsen variationBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Andreas Bachmann1-0471999Berlin blindfold simB10Grob's attackBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Thomas Schian1-0451999Berlin blindfold simB06Modern defenceBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Manfred Glienke1-0481999Berlin blindfold simA46King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Robert Huebner vs Juergen Federau1-0411999Berlin blindfold simB00St. George (Baker) defenceBrowse
Zoltan Ribli vs Robert Huebner1-0381999Bundesliga 9900D17Reti OpeningBrowse

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