Grandmaster Games Database
Michael Adams vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½321998Tilburg FontysB82Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Viswanathan Anand½-½211998Tilburg FontysD46Reti OpeningBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Alexey Dreev½-½181998RUS-Cup finalB13English Caro-Kann defensive systemBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Robert Huebner1-0461998Elista ol (Men)E13Nimzo-Indian Three knights variationBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½241998Presidents CupA17Reti OpeningBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½431998Presidents CupA33English Symmetrical variationBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Vassily Ivanchuk1-0371998Presidents CupB90Sicilian NajdorfBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½471998Presidents CupB90Sicilian NajdorfBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½161998Presidents CupE39Nimzo-Indian Classical, Pirc variationBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Vadim Zvjaginsev1-0391998Presidents CupE39Nimzo-Indian Classical, Pirc variationBrowse
Vassily Ivanchuk vs Vadim Zvjaginsev1-0261998Presidents CupE39Nimzo-Indian Classical, Pirc variationBrowse
Alexander Khalifman vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½201998RUS-Cup finalB82Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½281998Tilburg FontysD58QGD Charousek (Petrosian) variationBrowse
Vladimir Kramnik vs Vadim Zvjaginsev1-0411998Tilburg FontysD35Queen's gambit declinedBrowse
Joel Lautier vs Vadim Zvjaginsev0-1601998Tilburg FontysD47QGD Slav 4.Nc3Browse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Peter Leko½-½351998Tilburg FontysD91Reti OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½191998Elista ol (Men)D79Reti OpeningBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Alexander Morozevich½-½111998RUS-Cup finalA11Reti OpeningBrowse
Evgeniy Najer vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½251998RUS-ch51B84Sicilian ClosedBrowse
Yasser Seirawan vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½151998Elista ol (Men)D45QGD Semi-SlavBrowse
Peter Svidler vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½171998Tilburg FontysB54Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Veselin Topalov vs Vadim Zvjaginsev½-½461998Tilburg FontysB54Sicilian Taimanov variationBrowse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Loek Van Wely½-½331998Tilburg FontysA28English OpeningBrowse
    Aug 18 1976

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