Grandmaster Games Database
Miguel Quinteros vs Julio Becerra Rivero0-1531995San MartinA65King's Indian Saemisch, 5...O-OBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Bent Larsen0-1471995Mar del Plata opE67Old Indian Main lineBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Bent Larsen½-½341995San MartinA50Queen's Indian AcceleratedBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Lilia Fernandez Novas1-0321995Buenos Aires opE73English OpeningBrowse
Gerardo Jerez Araoz vs Miguel Quinteros0-1431995Buenos Aires opB22Sicilian Alapin's variation (2.c3)Browse
Miguel Quinteros vs Marcelo Tempone½-½591995Buenos Aires opD07QGA 3.e4Browse
Diego Pereyra Arcija vs Miguel Quinteros0-1441995Buenos Aires opA43Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Andres Rodriguez1-0361995Buenos Aires opA88Dutch defenceBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Guillermo Soppe1-0321995Buenos Aires Clarin opD17King's pawn OpeningBrowse
Pablo Zarnicki vs Miguel Quinteros1-0261995Buenos Aires opB31Sicilian Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (wi...Browse
Miguel Quinteros vs Pablo Ricardi½-½421995Buenos Aires opA57Bird's OpeningBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Daniel (Cámpora) Campora0-1441995Buenos Aires Clarin opE06Queen's gambit declinedBrowse
Carlos Bulcourf vs Miguel Quinteros0-1461995Buenos Aires Clarin opA15Polish (Sokolsky) openingBrowse
Ruben Casafus vs Miguel Quinteros0-1351995Buenos Aires opE96Queen's pawn Yusupov-Rubinstein systemBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Sergio C Giardelli1-0381995Buenos Aires opA59Benko gambit acceptedBrowse
Pablo Zarnicki vs Miguel Quinteros½-½631995Buenos Aires Clarin opB93SicilianBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Juan Palmisano1-0471995Mar del Plata opD90English, 1...Nf6 (Anglo-Indian defense)Browse
Miguel Quinteros vs Daniel Piscicelli1-0711995Mar del Plata opA32English Symmetrical variationBrowse
Fabian Fiorito vs Miguel Quinteros½-½381995Mar del Plata opB22Bird's OpeningBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Marcelo Tempone1-0621995Mar del Plata opE00Catalan OpeningBrowse
Hugo Spangenberg vs Miguel Quinteros½-½271995Mar del Plata opB22Dunst (Sleipner, Heinrichsen) OpeningBrowse
J. Pierrot vs Miguel Quinteros0-1611995Mar del Plata opB84Sicilian Najdorf, Opovcensky variationBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Claudia Noemi Amura1-0621995Mar del Plata opE06Reti OpeningBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Alejandro Iglesias1-0611995San Luis Clarin GPB07Queen's PawnBrowse
Luis Sieiro Gonzalez vs Miguel Quinteros½-½291995San Luis Clarin GPB86Sicilian Najdorf, Lipnitzky attackBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Diego Pereyra Arcija1-0681995San Luis Clarin GPE86King's Indian Saemisch, 5...O-OBrowse
Miguel Andres vs Miguel Quinteros0-1271995San Luis Clarin GPB41Sicilian Kan variationBrowse
Pablo Zarnicki vs Miguel Quinteros1-0591995San Luis Clarin GPB85Sicilian Anderssen variationBrowse
Miguel Quinteros vs Andres Rodriguez½-½471995San Luis Clarin GPA88Dutch defenceBrowse
Sergio Slipak vs Miguel Quinteros1-0481995San Luis Clarin GPE92King's Indian Petrosian system, Stein v...Browse
    Dec 28 1947

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