Grandmaster Games Database
Pal Benko vs Svetozar Gligoric1-0521962Izt playoff-6plB14Gruenfeld Gruenfeld gambitBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Pal Benko½-½151962Stockholm InterzonalB36Sicilian Accelerated Fianchetto, Gurgen...Browse
Arthur Bisguier vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1401962Stockholm InterzonalA48King's Indian East Indian defenceBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs David Bronstein½-½241962URS-JUGE83King's Indian Saemisch, 6...Nc6Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Bobby Fischer½-½821962Stockholm InterzonalE92King's Indian Gligoric-Taimanov systemBrowse
Bobby Fischer vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1451962Varna olmB80Sicilian Najdorf, Zagreb (Fianchetto) v...Browse
Efim Geller vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½251962Stockholm InterzonalE65King's Indian 3.g3Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Moshe Czerniak1-0411962BelgradeB27Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Svein Johannessen vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1571962BelgradeD03King's Indian Torre attackBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Borislav Ivkov½-½471962BelgradeD58QGD Charousek (Petrosian) variationBrowse
Nikola Karaklajic vs Svetozar Gligoric0-11191962BelgradeD84Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Alberto Foguelman1-0701962BelgradeC18French Winawer, Advance, poisoned pawn ...Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Dragoljub Janosevic1-0391962BelgradeE87King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.d5Browse
Victor Ciocaltea vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½301962BelgradeB57Sicilian Sozin, not ScheveningenBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Vladimir Sokolov½-½411962BelgradeE89King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.d5 ...Browse
Rudolf Maric vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1211962BelgradeB97Sicilian Najdorf, 7...Qb6Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Hector Rossetto½-½341962BelgradeD66Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Dragoljub Minic vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½191962BelgradeB88Sicilian Najdorf, Lipnitzky attackBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Frits Van Seters1-0381962Hastings6263A58Clemenz (Mead's, Basman's or de Klerk's...Browse
Tan Hiong Liong vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½491962Hastings6263E61English OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Drazen Marovic½-½411962Hastings6263C11French Burn variationBrowse
John Eric Littlewood vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1301962Hastings6263B43Sicilian Kan, 5.Nc3Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Conel Hughes Alexander1-0421962Hastings6263C65Ruy Lopez Classical defence, Benelux va...Browse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Vasily Smyslov0-1571962Hastings6263D25QGA, Janowsky-Larsen variationBrowse
Peter H Clarke vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1511962Hastings6263E94English OpeningBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Alexander Kotov½-½261962Hastings6263B08Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Adrian Swayne Hollis vs Svetozar Gligoric0-1411962Hastings6263E69Reti King's Indian attackBrowse
Vasily Smyslov vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½291962Capablanca memB92Sicilian Najdorf, Opovcensky variationBrowse
Svetozar Gligoric vs Carlos Guimard½-½241962Capablanca memD66Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Miguel Najdorf vs Svetozar Gligoric½-½561962Capablanca memE88King's Indian Saemisch, Orthodox, 7.d5 ...Browse

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