NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberSculptorBlokeonline144146902608179029229 Jun '22 10:38Challenge Player
SubscriberSands Al11231777087446948207829 Jun '22 10:36Challenge Player
Standard memberIgormedvidonline143027821355111431329 Jun '22 10:35Challenge Player
Standard memberAnas dwair11868874474211929 Jun '22 10:25Challenge Player
SubscriberNick2175154642712258183417929 Jun '22 10:01Challenge Player
Standard memberkvestor11864412122002929 Jun '22 08:47Challenge Player
Standard memberAXA15551014253629 Jun '22 08:09Challenge Player
Standard memberminiched1610406307861329 Jun '22 06:51Challenge Player
Standard memberMikey D15084823351311629 Jun '22 06:42Challenge Player
Standard membert dog00015364633031471329 Jun '22 06:09Challenge Player
Subscriberradioactive6915612265107010989729 Jun '22 05:29Challenge Player
Standard membergordonoleg146410185803736529 Jun '22 05:06Challenge Player
Standard memberAndriy G14176303482453729 Jun '22 04:49Challenge Player
Standard memberwvk11962421121012929 Jun '22 04:32Challenge Player
Subscriberpeter shtudiner170010425564058129 Jun '22 03:26Challenge Player
Standard membervasylpuzanov15353111471481629 Jun '22 02:32Challenge Player
Subscriberhenjutsu148438912210157710429 Jun '22 02:16Challenge Player
Subscriberspats163167323731259240929 Jun '22 01:57Challenge Player
Standard memberVanesZa1094183967611451828 Jun '22 22:36Challenge Player
Standard membertexas000119910604346062028 Jun '22 20:28Challenge Player
Standard memberSilverbantam105013684918324528 Jun '22 20:16Challenge Player
SubscriberJayboman15791507110153439217528 Jun '22 19:59Challenge Player
Standard memberdymayou10937112774052928 Jun '22 19:03Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Conquistador16965833532171328 Jun '22 19:02Challenge Player
Standard memberesly16238503943867028 Jun '22 17:44Challenge Player
SubscriberMixo1439100147339912928 Jun '22 17:12Challenge Player
Standard memberzhyuriy117466814302133828 Jun '22 16:44Challenge Player
Standard memberanatolya333163315797657615328 Jun '22 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberonlytt1454343198137828 Jun '22 15:41Challenge Player
Standard memberValeri431247841965028 Jun '22 15:02Challenge Player
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