NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberManogamo Rincewind13483481751462730 Nov '23 02:31Challenge Player
Standard memberKingTephp1200000007 Jun '23 12:40Challenge Player
Standard memberNo1WHOsNEXTp1200101017 Feb '21 08:30Challenge Player
Standard memberTravisH11833571951521020 Mar '17 21:24Challenge Player
Standard memberDaddyMac1189221012011 Apr '14 07:30Challenge Player
Standard membergazwhufcp1024606016 Dec '13 10:04Challenge Player
Standard memberagastal193112483261511 Dec '13 12:14Challenge Player
Standard memberjfeingap1200101002 Jun '11 03:46Challenge Player
Standard memberJamal the Matadorp1200110005 Feb '11 07:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMafileo Tupou1191261510118 Jan '10 13:37Challenge Player
Standard memberCarl Gohringerp1124514010 Mar '09 23:23Challenge Player
Standard memberskuxxx7p1200110026 Nov '08 08:19Challenge Player
Standard memberTheMadIndianp1200523030 Sep '08 10:34Challenge Player
Standard membersilentonep1200202028 Jun '08 10:05Challenge Player
Standard memberkawummp1310945004 Jun '08 00:13Challenge Player
Standard memberel conquestador1148472026116 Feb '08 19:13Challenge Player
Standard memberpeanutbreath1062401228030 Jan '08 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberkylehalp899918018 Jan '08 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberbrons115939633014 Jan '08 18:13Challenge Player
Standard memberislandboy253p1200101008 Dec '07 03:12Challenge Player
Standard memberitoddp1200312027 Dec '06 01:47Challenge Player
Standard memberclarknovap1039733129 Oct '06 10:16Challenge Player
Standard memberblah1127p10711046022 Jul '06 03:22Challenge Player
Standard memberRoboduck661074321121027 Apr '06 20:10Challenge Player
Standard memberCreatinep1200330025 Apr '06 22:44Challenge Player
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