NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermritzo15071457862525 Aug '17 09:30Challenge Player
Standard memberprawnhildap122516311201 Aug '15 11:16Challenge Player
Standard memberKing Killa Killa1153933457223 Jul '14 15:34Challenge Player
Standard membermnschur1442684916310 Aug '13 03:25Challenge Player
Standard memberTexasZeke10631114961131 Dec '11 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberTsukiko Integrap1200321005 Feb '10 19:29Challenge Player
Standard membermultakutrip1158514023 Mar '09 18:29Challenge Player
Standard memberEvil Gustavop1200312014 Sep '07 17:10Challenge Player
Standard memberelimin81302311515103 Aug '07 10:18Challenge Player
Standard memberianmcgeep11471899022 Feb '07 07:47Challenge Player
Standard memberbazmerfathap899505004 Aug '06 15:53Challenge Player
Standard memberconcertinap1165513118 Apr '06 21:02Challenge Player
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