NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermagnus99991148524241279409 Dec '21 03:29Challenge Player
Standard membergmzucc23p1709990009 Dec '21 00:44Challenge Player
SubscriberMuxagata131399214388491362008 Dec '21 19:31Challenge Player
Standard membercplcpl2080549460216808 Dec '21 18:22Challenge Player
Standard memberVitaometalp778909008 Dec '21 12:54Challenge Player
Subscriberkapjek143218008738893808 Dec '21 07:56Challenge Player
Standard memberbianodias1066812455207 Dec '21 22:30Challenge Player
Standard memberscottscottp1200321003 Dec '21 20:38Challenge Player
Standard memberlucca zaninip1200210103 Dec '21 14:35Challenge Player
Standard memberSylchessp1200834103 Dec '21 12:53Challenge Player
Subscriberdagobertocoimbra1627176101591602 Dec '21 03:26Challenge Player
Standard memberbeneditojyrp1200110026 Nov '21 03:53Challenge Player
Standard memberMCSp1200000020 Nov '21 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberLeo655p1200101001 Nov '21 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member0Dry0p1200000001 Nov '21 11:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGabrielGQp812826027 Oct '21 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberJoana Nederp12771385009 Oct '21 22:02Challenge Player
Standard memberCavalcantip14281495003 Oct '21 01:53Challenge Player
Standard memberynladenp1200211022 Sep '21 14:05Challenge Player
Standard memberGustavoGaldenciiop1200101021 Sep '21 13:24Challenge Player
SubscriberEsguards788631250103 Sep '21 17:31Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardoMuhdx1998p1200000023 Aug '21 20:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAndradap1200101014 Aug '21 05:36Challenge Player
Standard memberSnebur175721191102 Aug '21 23:45Challenge Player
Standard memberRaficRabelop1200101022 Jul '21 11:10Challenge Player
Standard membermatedepeao182044401320 Jul '21 19:21Challenge Player
Standard membernezzedp1200000020 Jul '21 17:01Challenge Player
Standard memberLfic1971p1200413012 Jul '21 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp100710010029 Jun '21 20:44Challenge Player
Standard memberPeepeepoopoop1200101022 Jun '21 20:20Challenge Player
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