NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermagnus99991207547252291408 Aug '22 21:22Challenge Player
Subscriberdagobertocoimbra1667202115691808 Aug '22 16:01Challenge Player
Standard membercplcpl2078583489217308 Aug '22 12:45Challenge Player
Standard memberbeneditojyrp1528952208 Aug '22 12:14Challenge Player
Standard memberkapjek146318188848963808 Aug '22 10:32Challenge Player
Standard membermarcoart149027361621100411106 Aug '22 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberbianodias1017912465205 Aug '22 20:31Challenge Player
Standard memberPikaDurap1200000002 Aug '22 18:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbarnabep97413211025 Jul '22 19:20Challenge Player
Standard memberlucca zaninip1206522124 Jul '22 16:24Challenge Player
Standard memberSylchessp12251155121 Jul '22 21:06Challenge Player
Standard membergmzucc23173924221119 Jul '22 14:28Challenge Player
Standard membersoneghetep1200000019 Jul '22 02:41Challenge Player
Standard memberSSkoLLp12561284004 Jul '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberbarbado106937730029 Jun '22 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberfellipeveigap12761339122 Jun '22 11:23Challenge Player
Standard memberGesatop1200202014 Jun '22 12:17Challenge Player
Standard memberEsguards713871274122 May '22 21:43Challenge Player
Standard memberAlisonmartinsp83018018008 May '22 02:41Challenge Player
Standard membercadu9710p12941082024 Apr '22 21:24Challenge Player
Standard memberokkizp1200101009 Apr '22 11:49Challenge Player
Standard memberSnebur196250462225 Mar '22 20:10Challenge Player
Standard memberSheridanBH1535423012018 Mar '22 12:27Challenge Player
Standard memberVitaometalp78516016025 Feb '22 19:37Challenge Player
Standard memberPetrosmalkp1200000010 Feb '22 02:57Challenge Player
Standard memberGabrielGQp812826017 Jan '22 12:29Challenge Player
Standard memberscottscottp1200422003 Dec '21 20:38Challenge Player
Standard memberMCSp1200000020 Nov '21 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberLeo655p1200101001 Nov '21 11:59Challenge Player
Standard member0Dry0p1200000001 Nov '21 11:59Challenge Player
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