NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberJrobertos196899120812020 Mar '23 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberKowalsck153621171320 Mar '23 10:59Challenge Player
Standard memberbeneditojyrp15631583420 Mar '23 10:53Challenge Player
Standard memberSnebur194853483220 Mar '23 10:39Challenge Player
Standard memberkapjek144518308919013820 Mar '23 05:51Challenge Player
Standard membermagnus99991262553254294520 Mar '23 02:54Challenge Player
Subscriberdagobertocoimbra1597246131892619 Mar '23 14:29Challenge Player
Standard membercplcpl2078595497217717 Mar '23 22:37Challenge Player
Standard membernhsiap1200606005 Mar '23 05:53Challenge Player
SubscriberEsguards6831111595118 Feb '23 20:35Challenge Player
Standard membercapybaraOKp1200000016 Jan '23 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberEDOMICIO CARVALHO DA SILVAp1200000010 Jan '23 17:35Challenge Player
Standard membermaguinusp1200000012 Dec '22 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMVinip142418117029 Nov '22 14:47Challenge Player
Standard membermarcoart149027381621100611117 Nov '22 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberwallalup1200000014 Nov '22 01:19Challenge Player
Standard membermlisboap1200000002 Nov '22 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberSylchessp12451265119 Oct '22 17:23Challenge Player
Standard membernetomarinp1200110010 Oct '22 19:57Challenge Player
Standard memberlucca zaninip1176623110 Oct '22 12:36Challenge Player
Standard memberA Technicap1200321009 Oct '22 15:37Challenge Player
Standard memberAndre Marcalp1200000029 Sep '22 23:28Challenge Player
Standard memberbianodias1017912465223 Aug '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard membermallmann11p1200000019 Aug '22 23:26Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Sousap1200000019 Aug '22 23:26Challenge Player
Standard memberGesatop1200303010 Aug '22 23:08Challenge Player
Standard memberPikaDurap1200000002 Aug '22 18:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbarnabep97413211025 Jul '22 19:20Challenge Player
Standard membergmzucc23173924221119 Jul '22 14:28Challenge Player
Standard membersoneghetep1200101019 Jul '22 02:41Challenge Player
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