NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberJuan Tomico Blanco1356503116302 Apr '23 12:29Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablanca156434521714140133702 Apr '23 12:18Challenge Player
Subscriberronymic122741261971196219302 Apr '23 11:43Challenge Player
Subscriberdespistado1331122446020582040402 Apr '23 11:39Challenge Player
Standard memberManuel Vicioso Sanchez2150164131141902 Apr '23 10:40Challenge Player
Standard memberogh1470285152125802 Apr '23 10:23Challenge Player
Standard memberjavierfranco1374227119106202 Apr '23 10:22Challenge Player
Standard memberMaturin10006682753811202 Apr '23 10:06Challenge Player
Standard memberramon116127188102 Apr '23 09:26Challenge Player
SubscriberFERQUIROS121296914444474849902 Apr '23 09:10Challenge Player
Standard membermari Carmen medina86612922103402 Apr '23 09:07Challenge Player
Standard memberVentrix13062991521361102 Apr '23 08:20Challenge Player
Standard membercotarelo1077471034302 Apr '23 07:53Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n13256183242652902 Apr '23 07:07Challenge Player
Subscribernajaja143043032045201024802 Apr '23 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberfval21525181261511376002 Apr '23 06:42Challenge Player
Standard memberEmilio571704814725902 Apr '23 06:09Challenge Player
Standard memberBibianoco1558208123711402 Apr '23 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberrsegovia7115651978114468315102 Apr '23 04:50Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain11874482112152201 Apr '23 22:11Challenge Player
Standard memberCKDBY93QRXLN13341237840501 Apr '23 21:44Challenge Player
Standard memberOdetta84p9651129001 Apr '23 20:13Challenge Player
Standard memberLos Molares141913146156425701 Apr '23 19:11Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo 73106019483105601 Apr '23 15:59Challenge Player
Subscriberelefant18785914161502501 Apr '23 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1662115072931610531 Mar '23 21:56Challenge Player
Standard memberAbracitos2010177219115728631 Mar '23 14:14Challenge Player
Standard memberinpassant215712594131831 Mar '23 07:41Challenge Player
Standard memberOscar Manzanero España 2144426178130 Mar '23 21:19Challenge Player
Standard memberOSCAR1956p1200000030 Mar '23 14:59Challenge Player
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