NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberTutulu1142426186219 Oct '21 05:51Challenge Player
Standard memberEmilio571686593516819 Oct '21 05:43Challenge Player
SubscriberLosPie15313402011043519 Oct '21 05:38Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1738109869330310219 Oct '21 05:33Challenge Player
Standard memberfval2126315125149465219 Oct '21 05:29Challenge Player
SubscriberFERQUIROS155987574009429445419 Oct '21 05:14Challenge Player
Standard memberogh1406249126115819 Oct '21 05:12Challenge Player
Standard memberragonro6612667704732772019 Oct '21 04:25Challenge Player
Standard memberjlbalbas146316149109319 Oct '21 03:53Challenge Player
Standard memberVentrix130520110785919 Oct '21 03:48Challenge Player
Standard memberfrancisc0591664946520918 Oct '21 23:44Challenge Player
Standard memberOldking1280441825118 Oct '21 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberyesshe136110766264123818 Oct '21 22:39Challenge Player
Standard memberLos Molares139712765916285718 Oct '21 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberJP Duplessis146439362118 Oct '21 22:34Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo 7311061546979618 Oct '21 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberlawjudd11421686698418 Oct '21 21:36Challenge Player
Subscriberronymic124438251828181618118 Oct '21 21:08Challenge Player
Standard memberjavierfranco13141788790118 Oct '21 21:03Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablanca162932971638134331618 Oct '21 20:33Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackwood13463782501141418 Oct '21 20:21Challenge Player
Standard membergarabato188717911161718 Oct '21 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberrsegovia711578165198155911118 Oct '21 19:59Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n13015392812332518 Oct '21 17:16Challenge Player
Subscriberdespistado1277118295820562638318 Oct '21 16:04Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain12303671671811918 Oct '21 13:19Challenge Player
Standard membercocodrilo244925619725718 Oct '21 07:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAjedrezdcmp1200000018 Oct '21 06:44Challenge Player
Standard membernajaja153739141852183223017 Oct '21 21:28Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx172110248631184317 Oct '21 19:24Challenge Player
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