NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberrsegovia7115931808107461112318 May '22 10:45Challenge Player
Standard memberCapitan Barlovento1156247895214873918 May '22 10:33Challenge Player
Standard memberfval21215161553510265418 May '22 09:22Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablanca162933581666136332918 May '22 09:14Challenge Player
SubscriberFERQUIROS126191034156447447318 May '22 09:09Challenge Player
Standard memberVentrix125122311599918 May '22 09:08Challenge Player
Subscriberronymic129839211878186018318 May '22 08:19Challenge Player
Standard memberManuel Vicioso Sanchez2119142120101218 May '22 08:01Challenge Player
Standard memberLos Molares140212885986335718 May '22 07:47Challenge Player
Subscriberdespistado1332120145902572338918 May '22 07:10Challenge Player
Standard memberManuelMP1525442320118 May '22 07:09Challenge Player
Standard memberramonp114919136018 May '22 07:09Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1667111870631010218 May '22 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberAbracitos2010158517814628418 May '22 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberMaturin10625302222981018 May '22 06:11Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n13325743002482618 May '22 06:02Challenge Player
Standard memberjlbalbas167728395182618 May '22 02:15Challenge Player
Standard membergarabato1984195119651117 May '22 22:45Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardo 7310651707589617 May '22 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberCKDBY93QRXLN1355613821217 May '22 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberdrakunstein153823203017 May '22 21:53Challenge Player
Standard memberburellin1284203310149318817 May '22 21:35Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain12374021881942017 May '22 21:34Challenge Player
Standard memberlawjudd101422486134417 May '22 21:27Challenge Player
Standard memberLuziernagap148716114117 May '22 20:33Challenge Player
Standard membermarkbrownrigg12132097101410374617 May '22 10:46Challenge Player
Subscriberelefant19105624021372316 May '22 18:34Challenge Player
Standard memberSwaleixp1200101016 May '22 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberogh1341258129121816 May '22 05:18Challenge Player
Standard membercotarelo103542831315 May '22 21:31Challenge Player
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