NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberrsegovia71online1531158493854010601 Aug '21 21:37Challenge Player
Standard memberlawjuddonline11411556091401 Aug '21 21:36Challenge Player
Standard memberKiltro Guachitoonlinep154010100001 Aug '21 21:32Challenge Player
Standard memberyessheonline139010616164083701 Aug '21 21:32Challenge Player
Standard membernajaja143938961842182822601 Aug '21 21:24Challenge Player
Subscriberronymic120137911809180118101 Aug '21 21:22Challenge Player
Standard memberjefdel1496212120771501 Aug '21 21:22Challenge Player
Standard memberAdorno1692108968430310201 Aug '21 20:45Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredoGE15445182672302101 Aug '21 20:37Challenge Player
Standard memberragonro6612797384502701801 Aug '21 20:34Challenge Player
Standard membermarkbrownrigg1177204298410144401 Aug '21 20:21Challenge Player
Standard memberfval2127514815089215201 Aug '21 20:06Challenge Player
Subscriberjoven capablanca154032571615133231001 Aug '21 19:56Challenge Player
Standard memberTutulu1p13291173101 Aug '21 19:26Challenge Player
SubscriberLosPie15233341981013501 Aug '21 19:26Challenge Player
Standard membercotarelo111928817301 Aug '21 19:03Challenge Player
SubscriberFERQUIROS140886353948424144601 Aug '21 18:45Challenge Player
Standard memberfrancisc059157926203301 Aug '21 18:41Challenge Player
Standard memberRub3n12945302762292501 Aug '21 17:32Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx176410148571154201 Aug '21 16:40Challenge Player
Standard memberOSCARME7415671327845901 Aug '21 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberjavierfranco13401688285101 Aug '21 14:48Challenge Player
Standard memberburellin1318200610039178601 Aug '21 14:47Challenge Player
Standard memberjlbalbas1322752055001 Aug '21 14:15Challenge Player
Standard memberWayneinSpain11973551591771901 Aug '21 13:51Challenge Player
Standard membergarabato183216910260701 Aug '21 13:03Challenge Player
Subscriberdespistado1290117245771557238101 Aug '21 11:50Challenge Player
Standard memberJP Duplessis143429271101 Aug '21 11:28Challenge Player
Standard memberAbracitos2010133716113127301 Aug '21 10:14Challenge Player
Standard memberJuanolasp1200000001 Aug '21 08:54Challenge Player
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