South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGifford Pechéonline965496151341419 Oct '21 05:30Challenge Player
Standard memberRiaanMienieonline10555992713032519 Oct '21 05:30Challenge Player
Standard memberMpho Isaac Thobakgaleonline14117313823361319 Oct '21 05:30Challenge Player
Standard memberIshonline1752207134541919 Oct '21 05:29Challenge Player
Subscriberstrollaonline11411637186619 Oct '21 05:27Challenge Player
Standard memberpawnpawonline126117759277895919 Oct '21 05:26Challenge Player
Standard memberSaswitchonline1433135964161210619 Oct '21 05:26Challenge Player
Standard memberScottZA89online1246683730119 Oct '21 05:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJason Britzonline14154101352552019 Oct '21 05:25Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThirdonline151256372773255530919 Oct '21 05:25Challenge Player
Subscriberchristiaanjonline134717768978532619 Oct '21 05:23Challenge Player
Standard memberHighboardonline12999644015243919 Oct '21 05:22Challenge Player
Standard memberPhiliplambrechtp1200220019 Oct '21 05:20Challenge Player
Standard memberatineL10451555098719 Oct '21 05:19Challenge Player
Standard memberRyan Miltz14641296358819 Oct '21 05:18Challenge Player
Standard memberMadelyneChessNewbiep84015114019 Oct '21 05:14Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75154043531478262624919 Oct '21 05:14Challenge Player
Standard memberWorm8505110330723019 Oct '21 05:14Challenge Player
Standard memberRené Liebenberg16032001127062610519 Oct '21 05:10Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodesir1195205294010466619 Oct '21 05:04Challenge Player
Standard memberSindycate99210823986701419 Oct '21 05:04Challenge Player
Standard memberLawrenceGosling0215038454763274219 Oct '21 05:04Challenge Player
Standard memberjasperfect14223111631321619 Oct '21 05:00Challenge Player
Standard memberJustin Keyser169824176119 Oct '21 05:00Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hay12842421161161019 Oct '21 05:00Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe1273223102112919 Oct '21 04:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPawnter145611264625798519 Oct '21 04:58Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee138514876607408719 Oct '21 04:57Challenge Player
Standard memberjuanitovc1657157195746814619 Oct '21 04:51Challenge Player
Standard memberBigspender13447263733163719 Oct '21 04:47Challenge Player
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