South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberFransieonline1326122275356589198021 Jan '22 04:48Challenge Player
Standard memberGabo03online1206639404229621 Jan '22 04:47Challenge Player
Standard memberGifford Pechéonline1004563175384421 Jan '22 04:46Challenge Player
SubscriberAntoine12001883682721016639821 Jan '22 04:44Challenge Player
Standard memberthabokgonline1050883454021 Jan '22 04:43Challenge Player
Standard memberSaswitch1444140166163110921 Jan '22 04:40Challenge Player
SubscriberOrkette12284216202621147621 Jan '22 04:39Challenge Player
Standard memberKingDestroyer1218704326121 Jan '22 04:39Challenge Player
Subscriberdejongh1298261797715548621 Jan '22 04:37Challenge Player
Standard memberpawnpaw126418319578146021 Jan '22 04:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFish4113737174492541421 Jan '22 04:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFredZA14926964442312121 Jan '22 04:33Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird152457702829262132021 Jan '22 04:32Challenge Player
SubscriberArayn131549338160023260073621 Jan '22 04:32Challenge Player
Standard memberSauerbier14327774353271521 Jan '22 04:32Challenge Player
Standard memberGruffGriff1664973846773517154421 Jan '22 04:29Challenge Player
Standard memberWildernessp1200404021 Jan '22 04:29Challenge Player
Standard memberBlometjie150327781156135426821 Jan '22 04:28Challenge Player
Standard memberRobert Sadlerp145315132021 Jan '22 04:24Challenge Player
Subscriberjoeboy69154973964165271451721 Jan '22 04:24Challenge Player
Standard memberTshwara119110074645291421 Jan '22 04:23Challenge Player
Standard memberOmarMookadam14905062662063421 Jan '22 04:23Challenge Player
Subscriberjaapm156927141317124914821 Jan '22 04:21Challenge Player
Standard memberVenom0612741146347421 Jan '22 04:20Challenge Player
Standard memberWumpus150411426004766621 Jan '22 04:18Challenge Player
Standard memberCalebiskwaaip9651028021 Jan '22 04:17Challenge Player
Standard memberAFriend154712356285347321 Jan '22 04:15Challenge Player
Standard memberRené Liebenberg14582048129764610521 Jan '22 04:12Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe1346299140150921 Jan '22 04:09Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodesir1208210395710806621 Jan '22 04:09Challenge Player
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