South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberCostadonline14291749683597563157423 Mar '23 04:32Challenge Player
Standard membercareljonline130411746964364223 Mar '23 04:32Challenge Player
Subscriberjoeboy69147282934712300757423 Mar '23 04:24Challenge Player
Subscriberpateman131640811970192518623 Mar '23 04:09Challenge Player
Standard memberpestelensie1104189670111356023 Mar '23 04:05Challenge Player
Standard memberMacfadg112849445023 Mar '23 04:04Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherK16972561126891837523 Mar '23 04:02Challenge Player
Standard memberSarel Johannes1094773837223 Mar '23 03:53Challenge Player
Standard memberKarlIgnatius121014796797613923 Mar '23 03:52Challenge Player
Standard memberDieGrootGees18834311711699123 Mar '23 03:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSthesh77percent16507412964281723 Mar '23 03:49Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee141916747588209623 Mar '23 03:42Challenge Player
Subscriberthadocta119818368119349123 Mar '23 03:39Challenge Player
Standard memberGruffGriff1598990047623580155823 Mar '23 03:37Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe119413447335545723 Mar '23 03:33Challenge Player
Standard memberHubris Creosote154029209023 Mar '23 02:46Challenge Player
Standard memberMpho Isaac Thobakgale142810745814692423 Mar '23 02:18Challenge Player
Standard memberL Stock17222098106275128523 Mar '23 01:49Challenge Player
Standard memberdr rufus14354332301911223 Mar '23 01:46Challenge Player
Standard memberBigspender14647774053353723 Mar '23 01:38Challenge Player
Standard memberrabnes124328471391134011623 Mar '23 00:10Challenge Player
Standard memberdarren taylor12764772342281523 Mar '23 00:06Challenge Player
Standard memberEJRamalhete108717966107623 Mar '23 00:05Challenge Player
Standard memberHermanvdl136917218477888623 Mar '23 00:05Challenge Player
Standard memberParmenion1464120455654310522 Mar '23 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberFvG1150735431693158326722 Mar '23 23:00Challenge Player
Subscriberbaltika91479202396293512622 Mar '23 22:36Challenge Player
Standard memberGod of Biscuits15141139215622 Mar '23 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberNicksten1604167282073112122 Mar '23 22:32Challenge Player
Subscriberklopdisselboom179014849664219722 Mar '23 22:28Challenge Player
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