South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribersbinionline181660713660200640529 Jun '22 09:37Challenge Player
Standard memberXcapeonline1487704523229 Jun '22 09:37Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherKonline16722449122186236629 Jun '22 09:36Challenge Player
Standard membersunqueen47online86124373166429 Jun '22 09:36Challenge Player
Standard memberVincent Michaelonlinep144316133029 Jun '22 09:35Challenge Player
DonationDr. Brain143490424001454549629 Jun '22 09:28Challenge Player
Standard memberHermanvdl138416408127478129 Jun '22 09:28Challenge Player
SubscribergranO2801128623905874521229 Jun '22 09:27Challenge Player
Subscriberthadocta121415927207967629 Jun '22 09:27Challenge Player
Standard memberBlometjie154028981212140927729 Jun '22 09:22Challenge Player
SubscriberWaylander12681044952329 Jun '22 09:21Challenge Player
Standard memberMysticidium152363293461267419429 Jun '22 09:19Challenge Player
Standard memberJohn1944138919510781729 Jun '22 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberjuanitovc1704160497947614929 Jun '22 09:12Challenge Player
SubscriberRudySA97127831149152710729 Jun '22 09:10Challenge Player
Subscribercapegecko12212319124510274729 Jun '22 09:08Challenge Player
Standard memberpestelensie1086179565610815829 Jun '22 09:07Challenge Player
Standard memberJason Britz16045611933373129 Jun '22 09:06Challenge Player
Standard memberalazzari10985012012871329 Jun '22 09:01Challenge Player
Subscriberjoeboy69149577894419282954129 Jun '22 08:58Challenge Player
Standard memberSauerbier14368044533351629 Jun '22 08:57Challenge Player
Subscriberbaltika91508192291289411629 Jun '22 08:56Challenge Player
Standard memberGifford Peché1025662211445629 Jun '22 08:55Challenge Player
Standard memberCavazy9796692923671029 Jun '22 08:53Challenge Player
Standard memberRhodewe13107403863282629 Jun '22 08:49Challenge Player
Standard memberIcepepper113021380126729 Jun '22 08:47Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75149646361567280226729 Jun '22 08:46Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee147216027187949029 Jun '22 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird152759302904269633029 Jun '22 08:32Challenge Player
Standard memberbarbit8584931862901729 Jun '22 08:29Challenge Player
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