South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberEdenbumonline1200682837322 Apr '24 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberMammy Blueonline118716988417669122 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberatineLonline9606452473772122 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberHermanvdlonline145418349018439022 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberScott Hayonline12878864454033822 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
SubscriberFransie Krugeronline12781358360006507107622 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberWernherKonline16042723133399739322 Apr '24 18:47Challenge Player
Standard membergwamonline161532691628148615522 Apr '24 18:46Challenge Player
Standard memberProf Pawn1622954246722 Apr '24 18:44Challenge Player
Standard memberCostad13981927292728260174022 Apr '24 18:44Challenge Player
Standard memberStephenP14434492391694122 Apr '24 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberFvG1147136571740164127622 Apr '24 18:40Challenge Player
Standard memberVaughanp11911679022 Apr '24 18:36Challenge Player
Standard memberLeon Botha14152206919115912822 Apr '24 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird153268033281314937322 Apr '24 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberdonelscotch13954152411621222 Apr '24 18:32Challenge Player
Subscribersbini170569294090236247722 Apr '24 18:26Challenge Player
Standard memberRiaanMienie11798754184273022 Apr '24 18:24Challenge Player
SubscribergranO2801137754165939121922 Apr '24 18:22Challenge Player
Standard memberwarrax75151052841765321630322 Apr '24 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberwilpot1371475207263522 Apr '24 18:12Challenge Player
Standard memberHENDRIK KRUGER847621643322 Apr '24 18:10Challenge Player
Standard memberPhatPat162138711839182221022 Apr '24 18:10Challenge Player
Standard memberRook Ee140817247848419922 Apr '24 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberAFriend147615217736598922 Apr '24 18:06Challenge Player
SubscriberChristo Kapp159319512764422 Apr '24 18:01Challenge Player
Standard memberMichael Lanigan104015555739433922 Apr '24 17:59Challenge Player
Standard memberCollin9946051694063022 Apr '24 17:55Challenge Player
Standard memberCharles Rickens11481045346522 Apr '24 17:54Challenge Player
Standard memberDoctor Einstein12091636989522 Apr '24 17:49Challenge Player
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