South Africa

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membergaborbarlaonline1926851687877724 Jul '21 13:52Challenge Player
Standard memberpawnpawonline132017098947585724 Jul '21 13:52Challenge Player
SubscriberOutback1246114774881613745924 Jul '21 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberCavazyonline1006581252320924 Jul '21 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberChillyBoyonline15027593843354024 Jul '21 13:49Challenge Player
Standard memberMysticidiumonline155761743384259919124 Jul '21 13:48Challenge Player
Standard memberPikSwartonline140619911281624 Jul '21 13:47Challenge Player
Standard memberBright Eyesonline10056323262812524 Jul '21 13:46Challenge Player
Standard memberdumionline13645362372742524 Jul '21 13:43Challenge Player
Standard memberHerman Britz11372781241391524 Jul '21 13:40Challenge Player
SubscriberOrkette13584071196620317424 Jul '21 13:38Challenge Player
Standard memberL Stock1663185694865625224 Jul '21 13:37Challenge Player
Standard memberFredZA13935863382291924 Jul '21 13:36Challenge Player
Standard memberdonelscotch14703472031341024 Jul '21 13:35Challenge Player
Standard memberArcher021214887514163003524 Jul '21 13:34Challenge Player
Standard memberRené Liebenberg15721941122461510224 Jul '21 13:30Challenge Player
Standard memberthadocta120114686597397024 Jul '21 13:25Challenge Player
Standard memberCalJust136012947005227224 Jul '21 13:23Challenge Player
Standard memberTshwara10798914084711224 Jul '21 13:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBlyth13065173021813424 Jul '21 13:13Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackbm832110899324 Jul '21 13:10Challenge Player
Standard memberFish4113656744182421424 Jul '21 13:09Challenge Player
SubscriberArayn124147333152793134770724 Jul '21 13:08Challenge Player
Standard memberLawrenceGosling0215077704342983824 Jul '21 13:07Challenge Player
Subscriberjoeboy69157970263949258649124 Jul '21 13:07Challenge Player
Standard memberKorak145033284124 Jul '21 13:03Challenge Player
Standard memberGabo031260605388212524 Jul '21 12:55Challenge Player
Standard memberMacfadg109437235024 Jul '21 12:50Challenge Player
Standard memberOneThird150254882704248430024 Jul '21 12:47Challenge Player
Standard memberMdeyp11131257024 Jul '21 12:47Challenge Player
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