Russian Federation

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membermarkinsaonline16235732852543422 Apr '24 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberMilkers Unitedonline176779244022412822 Apr '24 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberiipak193116576953193195722 Apr '24 18:25Challenge Player
Subscribervipak1554163985164214622 Apr '24 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberWWS66126651212529243216022 Apr '24 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberАндрей Пермяков2170584621022 Apr '24 17:49Challenge Player
Standard memberIwan5514647245061982022 Apr '24 16:48Challenge Player
SubscriberGMForsythe140381375047276932122 Apr '24 16:43Challenge Player
Standard memberkhi23641202184882292510122 Apr '24 15:14Challenge Player
Standard memberSemen290212135592193301022 Apr '24 14:05Challenge Player
Standard membernatamow12975152202623322 Apr '24 13:54Challenge Player
Standard memberInnokentij Skorobogatovp1210401321622 Apr '24 13:48Challenge Player
Standard memberEverett1128010805125392922 Apr '24 13:17Challenge Player
SubscriberArmil19801252193410138398222 Apr '24 12:59Challenge Player
SubscriberChordless D133011545485584822 Apr '24 12:20Challenge Player
Standard memberhope2014149715499585078422 Apr '24 11:55Challenge Player
Standard memberАлександр Петриченкоp178720200022 Apr '24 10:50Challenge Player
Standard memberkesha78980180361301422 Apr '24 10:27Challenge Player
Standard membersealvo35911819725910322 Apr '24 04:31Challenge Player
Standard memberEduard Borgenau1030732152022 Apr '24 03:52Challenge Player
Standard membersea214293822051621522 Apr '24 02:24Challenge Player
Standard memberRatibor16771349534522 Apr '24 00:03Challenge Player
Standard memberanda196319791281185521 Apr '24 21:16Challenge Player
Standard memberPatsykAleksandr172253502121 Apr '24 19:05Challenge Player
Standard memberGaRa135715155408868921 Apr '24 04:09Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxim Sklyarenko1099163262589011720 Apr '24 14:17Challenge Player
Standard memberGrizlyk18714072221454019 Apr '24 12:09Challenge Player
Standard membermykespb145319515833418 Apr '24 18:25Challenge Player
Standard memberlobusova8631244116418 Apr '24 15:50Challenge Player
Standard memberViktor Kalashnikov14639705324152318 Apr '24 05:41Challenge Player
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