Russian Federation

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBerry Moononlinep1200101019 Oct '21 05:24Challenge Player
Subscribervipak1669127768047811919 Oct '21 05:05Challenge Player
Standard memberhope2014151811126993536019 Oct '21 04:48Challenge Player
Standard memberArmil1980129913607105906019 Oct '21 04:46Challenge Player
SubscriberChordless D12716933333362419 Oct '21 04:13Challenge Player
Standard memberkhi2364117013265866657519 Oct '21 04:06Challenge Player
Standard memberWWS66118237311856175711819 Oct '21 03:54Challenge Player
Standard memberKulapyot Casimirop160317161019 Oct '21 03:37Challenge Player
Standard membermikhmikh175324220219 Oct '21 03:18Challenge Player
Standard memberSAV1657654811619 Oct '21 00:41Challenge Player
Standard memberAndrey Sp11431659219 Oct '21 00:26Challenge Player
Standard memberVas5Attack21266536101918 Oct '21 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberIwan5513745774051541818 Oct '21 23:01Challenge Player
Standard memberSV19581992423378281718 Oct '21 22:28Challenge Player
Standard membermykespb140015212127418 Oct '21 20:37Challenge Player
Standard membernico45136810565324774718 Oct '21 20:36Challenge Player
Standard memberlobusova86794387418 Oct '21 20:34Challenge Player
Standard membernatamow13253601581911118 Oct '21 20:27Challenge Player
Standard memberiipak193116184942282254118 Oct '21 20:10Challenge Player
Standard memberanatolya333156315057217364818 Oct '21 19:51Challenge Player
Standard memberArhipov14164927401385114121418 Oct '21 19:50Challenge Player
Standard memberArtur Savitskiy16546953722576618 Oct '21 19:24Challenge Player
Standard membermarkinsa16024002041702618 Oct '21 18:58Challenge Player
Standard memberViktor Kalashnikov14728724763752118 Oct '21 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberAlezzZ15646394611473118 Oct '21 18:10Challenge Player
Standard memberAdvance1p1200000018 Oct '21 17:36Challenge Player
Standard memberMaxim Sklyarenko1202142956276210518 Oct '21 17:18Challenge Player
Standard memberАлексей Таблин14523161841171518 Oct '21 16:59Challenge Player
Standard memberGenL1043401128118 Oct '21 13:28Challenge Player
Standard membernwm157914887636675818 Oct '21 10:51Challenge Player
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