NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberDulunge210140301923 Mar '23 02:43Challenge Player
Standard memberswayswornp1200110007 Mar '13 15:26Challenge Player
Standard membertelecomanda92p1200100115 Sep '12 23:19Challenge Player
Standard membergrecorunp1213633018 May '12 19:08Challenge Player
Standard memberNaistucksp93818315003 Oct '11 17:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBilly Battsp1722770015 Apr '11 15:13Challenge Player
Standard membertominop1301624015 Apr '11 14:07Challenge Player
Standard memberptjonesp93919118004 Oct '10 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberBern1001p1200202018 Apr '09 03:28Challenge Player
Standard memberFloceap1200101015 Dec '08 19:39Challenge Player
Standard membercasa97476511973767814010 Jul '08 03:17Challenge Player
Standard memberSqeezy McFeelpants1199261411126 Mar '08 00:09Challenge Player
Standard memberNFEARp1200101011 Sep '07 18:18Challenge Player
Standard memberggoulam84936981664181422006 Dec '06 08:20Challenge Player
Standard memberanzglp1050606005 Feb '06 10:17Challenge Player
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