NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberlipt0novonlinep120815113128 Sep '21 19:02Challenge Player
Standard memberLivio1385195288110056628 Sep '21 18:58Challenge Player
Standard memberzbyszek56183914484441628 Sep '21 18:53Challenge Player
Subscriberhetman55140043932110202725628 Sep '21 18:41Challenge Player
Standard memberwiktor1312811157341128 Sep '21 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberpinio461436274991631228 Sep '21 18:34Challenge Player
Standard memberZbyszko157932011443152723128 Sep '21 18:33Challenge Player
Subscribergundel21384404319193927428 Sep '21 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberMARUS115718288139734228 Sep '21 18:09Challenge Player
Standard memberGrzegorz Leniecp1349834128 Sep '21 17:58Challenge Player
SubscriberNAWSTAN146643561831211041528 Sep '21 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberMatthew Anderson1015702148128 Sep '21 17:43Challenge Player
Standard memberel F1588355255851528 Sep '21 17:41Challenge Player
Standard memberpuchmartin152119811476828 Sep '21 17:29Challenge Player
Subscriberelsport156361833009264253228 Sep '21 16:54Challenge Player
Standard memberKarolMartin1180341914128 Sep '21 16:12Challenge Player
Standard memberTomaszS14364282191882128 Sep '21 16:01Challenge Player
Standard membermcwatt12371144072228 Sep '21 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberMorowy Michalp14091073028 Sep '21 14:38Challenge Player
Standard memberDawid Wincek15314492521772028 Sep '21 14:36Challenge Player
Standard membermajk106171312509443318928 Sep '21 12:52Challenge Player
Standard membergaska209591233982228 Sep '21 12:41Challenge Player
Standard membermdziedzic144749832588214425128 Sep '21 12:07Challenge Player
Standard membermarcysh905487148334528 Sep '21 12:04Challenge Player
SubscriberBOBAFETT4U135311955895753128 Sep '21 11:52Challenge Player
Standard memberKas Kasia12038873415113528 Sep '21 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberGranolap108713210128 Sep '21 09:44Challenge Player
Standard memberMarcin Radoła1328281155123328 Sep '21 08:13Challenge Player
Standard membermetayes14426243442582228 Sep '21 08:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMichał Morowy1227311614128 Sep '21 06:41Challenge Player
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