NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberBOBAFETT4Uonline131114387086904007 Oct '22 02:10Challenge Player
Standard memberTomaszS14124832382182707 Oct '22 01:40Challenge Player
Standard memberigorkluza17018925023167407 Oct '22 00:39Challenge Player
Standard memberLivio13742228101911357407 Oct '22 00:30Challenge Player
Standard memberrox791499115457547110807 Oct '22 00:28Challenge Player
Standard memberMarek T Rogowicz11505422253071006 Oct '22 22:46Challenge Player
Subscribergundel22024549332494727806 Oct '22 22:41Challenge Player
Standard membermdziedzic152453302784227926706 Oct '22 22:05Challenge Player
Standard memberstoo11281445223214806 Oct '22 21:56Challenge Player
Standard memberargos14817432043137247719406 Oct '22 21:50Challenge Player
Standard memberalek14404801782891306 Oct '22 21:27Challenge Player
Standard memberel F1480393280981506 Oct '22 21:14Challenge Player
Standard memberHubsonp1200312006 Oct '22 20:40Challenge Player
Standard memberderdidas1503513111906 Oct '22 20:28Challenge Player
Standard memberwiktor13128416211248206 Oct '22 20:15Challenge Player
Standard memberJarek Dwornik10335422093132006 Oct '22 19:54Challenge Player
Standard memberlipt0nov1313511436106 Oct '22 19:36Challenge Player
SubscriberWabo416592137127871114806 Oct '22 19:33Challenge Player
Standard membermajk108873442579457119406 Oct '22 19:26Challenge Player
Standard memberzbyszek5617393031621122906 Oct '22 19:11Challenge Player
Standard memberSafari1316525492412684006 Oct '22 18:48Challenge Player
Standard memberZbyszko154532781473156623906 Oct '22 18:16Challenge Player
Standard memberpinio4615663901462232106 Oct '22 17:57Challenge Player
Subscriberhetman55134547242260219327106 Oct '22 17:19Challenge Player
Standard memberpl36205176118010269906 Oct '22 17:06Challenge Player
Standard memberGranola948591246106 Oct '22 16:40Challenge Player
Standard membergaska2097116846120206 Oct '22 14:33Challenge Player
SubscriberKas Kasia106710413766145106 Oct '22 13:21Challenge Player
Standard memberKarolMartin1145442419105 Oct '22 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberCetus14831086039905 Oct '22 18:12Challenge Player
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