NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberfr2oyaonline161110525844105816 Apr '24 06:00Challenge Player
Standard memberMorten Svendsenonline13521297251616 Apr '24 05:56Challenge Player
SubscriberDerPolitzei128934721561179411716 Apr '24 05:50Challenge Player
Standard membersnjortp1311248381021113386124116 Apr '24 05:36Challenge Player
SubscriberViA19293535230989832816 Apr '24 04:32Challenge Player
SubscriberRoy62515602282141668717916 Apr '24 02:48Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Cosmic Muffin12683571741612216 Apr '24 00:46Challenge Player
Standard memberolaola1628245143812115 Apr '24 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberToresjakk15275062442144815 Apr '24 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberaunedag96732899221815 Apr '24 19:00Challenge Player
Standard memberSamardan11691396470515 Apr '24 18:34Challenge Player
Subscribereplekake1220192110648124515 Apr '24 11:37Challenge Player
Standard memberHitra071821187104612215 Apr '24 10:48Challenge Player
Standard membersheikh umarr114822079136515 Apr '24 10:25Challenge Player
Standard memberbassanger104676769015 Apr '24 05:17Challenge Player
SubscriberVikingClog16376613592475514 Apr '24 15:41Challenge Player
Standard membermorgski186891658423110114 Apr '24 14:11Challenge Player
Standard memberCrazyElk16877734162787913 Apr '24 00:53Challenge Player
Standard memberbanja118943952114217710411 Apr '24 20:31Challenge Player
Standard membertedkaczynski83818418166008 Apr '24 00:05Challenge Player
Standard memberTumyr167266588019 Mar '24 14:52Challenge Player
Subscriberfeildag1477483315008 Feb '24 08:58Challenge Player
Standard memberHugin19856603213182107 Feb '24 19:17Challenge Player
Standard memberBeowolf IIIp1200202003 Feb '24 04:27Challenge Player
Standard memberDamep104713012102 Feb '24 08:10Challenge Player
Standard memberMannenp1291861131 Jan '24 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberTormod66p1857660002 Jan '24 15:24Challenge Player
Standard memberTorbjørn Kallstad1196441924131 Dec '23 15:22Challenge Player
Standard memberFredrik Tellefsenp128421109224 Dec '23 19:46Challenge Player
Standard memberMagnus CarIsenp1200000014 Dec '23 19:54Challenge Player
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