NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberijanonline1204249121123517 Sep '21 00:23Challenge Player
Standard memberJosB124317378298575117 Sep '21 00:11Challenge Player
Standard memberdon ostra1405875328616 Sep '21 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberhappypainter1364170982078410516 Sep '21 23:48Challenge Player
Standard memberpeter1712609282876192216 Sep '21 23:34Challenge Player
Standard memberEndorphin10839633805681516 Sep '21 22:58Challenge Player
Standard member17ray13982581137411644316 Sep '21 22:55Challenge Player
Standard membersinful15387454622285516 Sep '21 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberPaco1971162113879421716 Sep '21 22:45Challenge Player
Standard membertomsinon12563951692151116 Sep '21 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberMarkwat10684511742651216 Sep '21 22:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJans26118531981613137421116 Sep '21 22:24Challenge Player
Subscriberdondiego66155333081753131324216 Sep '21 22:22Challenge Player
Standard memberklimop889960237716716 Sep '21 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo1709193108602516 Sep '21 22:15Challenge Player
Standard memberjochem040313561729969416 Sep '21 22:13Challenge Player
Standard memberCha Cha Wolf150518913156216 Sep '21 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberJhakvoort14018074233632116 Sep '21 22:06Challenge Player
Standard memberpatricko1612157973168216616 Sep '21 22:00Challenge Player
Standard memberpacoleon12339534844412816 Sep '21 21:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMediaman136019079778755516 Sep '21 21:57Challenge Player
Standard membervidocq116221280130216 Sep '21 21:57Challenge Player
Subscribermantisse13734121782211316 Sep '21 21:55Challenge Player
Standard memberBarry1970104914839102716 Sep '21 21:54Challenge Player
Standard memberTomaat996181750712496116 Sep '21 21:52Challenge Player
Standard memberA3Chess1150141175155110916 Sep '21 21:49Challenge Player
Subscriberherrero139665343004296356716 Sep '21 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberGert de Bruin12491157736216 Sep '21 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriberafcacbs24212644178953032516 Sep '21 21:41Challenge Player
Standard memberkasteeltuin16658354153348616 Sep '21 21:39Challenge Player
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