NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberahattumvanonline15302981174391432409 Dec '21 06:59Challenge Player
Subscriberherreroonline140665763024297857409 Dec '21 06:59Challenge Player
Standard membercryingsamuraionlinep120011110009 Dec '21 06:58Challenge Player
Subscriberamblessador142730311437118341109 Dec '21 06:58Challenge Player
SubscriberFludizzonline146512026435124709 Dec '21 06:58Challenge Player
SubscriberMafkees999online129770703009364142009 Dec '21 06:58Challenge Player
Standard memberPaulCouonline147712017583717209 Dec '21 06:56Challenge Player
Standard memberjzelfonline13026053821992409 Dec '21 06:56Challenge Player
Standard memberelco135313276366236809 Dec '21 06:49Challenge Player
Standard memberNoor He So11561687097109 Dec '21 06:49Challenge Player
Standard memberrazende rossi140712136415234909 Dec '21 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberCo Braber14705122752023509 Dec '21 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberMitchBoLo1058811465209 Dec '21 06:41Challenge Player
Standard memberHankster10595661464101009 Dec '21 06:41Challenge Player
Subscriberjankrb20711112776641883158009 Dec '21 06:41Challenge Player
Standard memberManTheDan12317043133662509 Dec '21 06:41Challenge Player
Subscriberpatricko1615175281575218509 Dec '21 06:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMaarten van Riel14619234983844109 Dec '21 06:34Challenge Player
Standard memberChessward1596128746171411209 Dec '21 06:31Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter Six Dijkstra1432165152383529309 Dec '21 06:28Challenge Player
SubscriberJeroen Preijde143623511095106718909 Dec '21 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberPiet Brandsma13955953212423209 Dec '21 06:27Challenge Player
Standard memberSpringbok100921971144409 Dec '21 06:27Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo1677254140833109 Dec '21 06:10Challenge Player
Standard membersinful14927544652345509 Dec '21 06:10Challenge Player
Standard memberskulleo155912775566249709 Dec '21 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberDinges141322741101107110209 Dec '21 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGerrit20014931267645509 Dec '21 06:04Challenge Player
Standard memberrememberme1712136610212628309 Dec '21 05:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBarry1970104318954126909 Dec '21 05:57Challenge Player
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