NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGj Hiemstraonline1099395183204803 Oct '23 06:58Challenge Player
Subscriberjankrbonline22151219084852047165803 Oct '23 06:58Challenge Player
Standard memberCaesaronline1351705512303 Oct '23 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberhuub247online157210136233306003 Oct '23 06:57Challenge Player
Standard memberPBrg18online175770559603 Oct '23 06:51Challenge Player
Standard memberirebaronline14756114241345303 Oct '23 06:51Challenge Player
Standard memberpatrickoonline165923561093100625703 Oct '23 06:51Challenge Player
Standard memberItradeonline1335462320303 Oct '23 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberChesswardonline1618181773191916703 Oct '23 06:49Challenge Player
Subscriberherrero131069713205315061603 Oct '23 06:48Challenge Player
Standard memberrobur1261210292611354103 Oct '23 06:48Challenge Player
Standard memberfred S115319659409497603 Oct '23 06:48Challenge Player
Standard membercarel de stoute13575262382672103 Oct '23 06:47Challenge Player
Standard memberjos de Langen108211595895492103 Oct '23 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberJhakvoort12718834564042303 Oct '23 06:45Challenge Player
Standard memberSpringbok102428594185603 Oct '23 06:45Challenge Player
Subscriberlex315235433551682003 Oct '23 06:43Challenge Player
Standard memberSBurghout110010154635351703 Oct '23 06:40Challenge Player
Standard memberjanschaak14242614963143921203 Oct '23 06:38Challenge Player
Standard membertimv12015032732062403 Oct '23 06:36Challenge Player
Standard memberBarneveld14134292081982303 Oct '23 06:36Challenge Player
SubscriberBart Kortum140359902994274225403 Oct '23 06:34Challenge Player
Standard member17ray14852909157112875103 Oct '23 06:31Challenge Player
Standard memberMarijn15804192941061903 Oct '23 06:28Challenge Player
Standard membernopennick119014994949663903 Oct '23 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberpluijma153327561439113718003 Oct '23 06:28Challenge Player
Subscriberchazzz17975053101365903 Oct '23 06:27Challenge Player
Standard memberdon ostra137318410770703 Oct '23 06:25Challenge Player
SubscriberDonC4813905412422504903 Oct '23 06:22Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo16597634242627703 Oct '23 06:21Challenge Player
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