NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberBart Kortum139256212816256224316 Aug '22 03:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBerthus Bakfiets131514166776548516 Aug '22 03:22Challenge Player
Subscriberorphelins139128281294138914516 Aug '22 03:05Challenge Player
Standard memberJosB12132127105810066316 Aug '22 02:31Challenge Player
Standard memberTim56p1200000016 Aug '22 02:29Challenge Player
Standard memberpurperknight1923495414582316 Aug '22 02:23Challenge Player
Standard memberbartos17039885183809016 Aug '22 02:23Challenge Player
Standard memberruud1968118212885376529916 Aug '22 02:14Challenge Player
Standard memberskulleo1504136860266310316 Aug '22 02:08Challenge Player
SubscriberErika Nu2433410347135016 Aug '22 01:59Challenge Player
Standard memberMediaman1418207110619515916 Aug '22 01:32Challenge Player
Standard memberBrederode12931105454216 Aug '22 01:11Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Dutch Touch13477073123128316 Aug '22 01:06Challenge Player
Standard memberQwazy16171669661916 Aug '22 00:53Challenge Player
Standard membercarel de stoute13273571501911616 Aug '22 00:29Challenge Player
Standard memberBluemarlinheeg149934189715 Aug '22 23:42Challenge Player
Standard memberA3Chess1272163986565611815 Aug '22 23:12Challenge Player
Subscriberleen681564200410438798215 Aug '22 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberJeroen Radius1416775023415 Aug '22 23:04Challenge Player
Standard memberJacqie D1430402019115 Aug '22 23:03Challenge Player
Standard memberpeter17123910923467202615 Aug '22 23:00Challenge Player
Subscriberpatricko1674202793687321815 Aug '22 22:58Challenge Player
SubscriberAd Parnassum133167663023340933415 Aug '22 22:55Challenge Player
Standard memberJhakvoort13878384383772315 Aug '22 22:54Challenge Player
SubscriberRobbertJanSW1010511338015 Aug '22 22:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMaarten van Riel13359655154054515 Aug '22 22:35Challenge Player
Standard memberGerrit de Leeuw2137397228878215 Aug '22 22:30Challenge Player
Standard memberMarijn1612387274941915 Aug '22 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberMark Volmer12491498857415 Aug '22 22:14Challenge Player
Standard memberJans26116834221718147223215 Aug '22 22:12Challenge Player
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