NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscribertoononline12313141153715139117 May '22 13:55Challenge Player
Standard memberpluijmaonline13762297120394614817 May '22 13:55Challenge Player
Standard memberWimtenbrinkonline13005072542371617 May '22 13:54Challenge Player
Standard member19chevy87online14193241761371117 May '22 13:52Challenge Player
Standard membercarel de stouteonline13323331391801417 May '22 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberJJR Lancelonline1358209489511079217 May '22 13:49Challenge Player
Subscriberbraqueonline16769035483253017 May '22 13:47Challenge Player
Standard memberLombardo11573912011751517 May '22 13:42Challenge Player
Standard memberJimenjoe8647152434561617 May '22 13:39Challenge Player
Standard member17ray14452727146512154717 May '22 13:39Challenge Player
Standard membertinus711172268951591417 May '22 13:36Challenge Player
Subscriberorphelins132628091285138014417 May '22 13:36Challenge Player
Standard memberfred S110015757647516017 May '22 13:35Challenge Player
Subscriberijan12249314564512417 May '22 13:35Challenge Player
Standard memberHonestjohn13651409140917 May '22 13:34Challenge Player
Standard memberBarry19701127245781521517 May '22 13:33Challenge Player
Standard memberShallow Blue13742921431232617 May '22 13:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBSK6616135973851654717 May '22 13:26Challenge Player
Standard memberCH832134479294909517 May '22 13:26Challenge Player
Standard memberThe Dutch Touch13347053113118317 May '22 13:20Challenge Player
Standard membercornelia83814916763083422617 May '22 13:20Challenge Player
Standard memberJosB119720329899806317 May '22 13:16Challenge Player
Standard memberJans26121133811703145022817 May '22 13:16Challenge Player
Standard memberStephan Blaauw20047033242839617 May '22 13:14Challenge Player
Standard memberHenk Lebbink 2176415212222817 May '22 13:14Challenge Player
Standard memberjpvergouwen180146440354717 May '22 13:13Challenge Player
Standard memberkaasbol130880793510413643317 May '22 13:10Challenge Player
Standard memberBrederode1305924644217 May '22 13:07Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo17323642011243917 May '22 13:05Challenge Player
Standard memberhuub24715818775203025517 May '22 12:59Challenge Player
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