NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberjeedobbeljoeonline13865232582491620 Mar '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberelcoonline141515137337077320 Mar '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberJacqie Donline1485774232320 Mar '23 15:42Challenge Player
Standard membersinfulonline16238165002516520 Mar '23 15:42Challenge Player
SubscriberHarrroonline16396123282414320 Mar '23 15:40Challenge Player
Standard memberLeendert1954online129214095657895520 Mar '23 15:39Challenge Player
Standard memberPatrick Chess 65online156716011438820 Mar '23 15:39Challenge Player
Standard memberjanschaak14002572942142120920 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberJosBonline12862362120710876820 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberhuub247online16679615843176020 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberPaco1971online16642911621002920 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Subscriberorphelinsonline155328741321140614720 Mar '23 15:37Challenge Player
Standard memberrutmansonline16191995104484810320 Mar '23 15:37Challenge Player
SubscriberFludizzonline139513146895695620 Mar '23 15:34Challenge Player
Standard memberpjnb11362189102010848520 Mar '23 15:33Challenge Player
Standard memberCha Cha Wolf1504335225102820 Mar '23 15:33Challenge Player
Standard memberstreep13723181881161420 Mar '23 15:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBrederode14121487669320 Mar '23 15:29Challenge Player
Standard memberJimenjoe10188272865241720 Mar '23 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberpatricko16362262103897524920 Mar '23 15:28Challenge Player
Standard memberjohanv12979414564384720 Mar '23 15:25Challenge Player
SubscriberOist136833081641155311420 Mar '23 15:24Challenge Player
Standard memberJacco13172611241241320 Mar '23 15:23Challenge Player
Standard memberjzelf13516273922102520 Mar '23 15:23Challenge Player
Subscriberijan13662269113110687020 Mar '23 15:22Challenge Player
Standard memberOxl22p1200431020 Mar '23 15:20Challenge Player
Standard memberWeener137610946034316020 Mar '23 15:20Challenge Player
Subscriberbatjuchin170229601540110731320 Mar '23 15:19Challenge Player
Standard memberjanpeter16525923122493120 Mar '23 15:19Challenge Player
Standard memberrob vermeij11961728383620 Mar '23 15:19Challenge Player
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