NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberleen68141518859768307923 Jun '21 23:31Challenge Player
Standard memberHankster1002496123364923 Jun '21 23:29Challenge Player
Standard memberEndorphin10099503725631523 Jun '21 23:25Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter Bakker1097220116921223 Jun '21 23:19Challenge Player
Subscriberafcacbs24132603175453031923 Jun '21 23:17Challenge Player
SubscriberErika Nu246132728992923 Jun '21 23:08Challenge Player
Standard memberGijsbertBulk162115073581923 Jun '21 22:55Challenge Player
Standard memberAerigp12851073023 Jun '21 22:46Challenge Player
Subscriberzonnebloem212399358025415923 Jun '21 22:46Challenge Player
SubscriberAd Parnassum125556782638274229823 Jun '21 22:44Challenge Player
Standard memberWim Klijn1304382011723 Jun '21 22:38Challenge Player
Standard memberOutpost198312687284459523 Jun '21 22:37Challenge Player
Standard memberET6212365342892321323 Jun '21 22:34Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas022p1430861123 Jun '21 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberMartijn Hex1606936719723 Jun '21 22:31Challenge Player
Standard memberA3Chess1249132571750610223 Jun '21 22:30Challenge Player
Standard memberMezzo12106528594187423 Jun '21 22:26Challenge Player
Standard membertaco de adobada17104112051525423 Jun '21 22:26Challenge Player
Subscriberbraque15398875333252923 Jun '21 22:25Challenge Player
SubscriberOist133030161500141110523 Jun '21 22:24Challenge Player
Standard memberelco135412495975896323 Jun '21 22:23Challenge Player
Standard memberWalter van den Nieuwenhuizen12622781301311723 Jun '21 22:23Challenge Player
Standard memberpatricko1565148069663614823 Jun '21 22:22Challenge Player
Standard memberPaco1971165011267321323 Jun '21 22:22Challenge Player
Standard memberhakvoort14066903772902323 Jun '21 22:21Challenge Player
Standard memberhappypainter146816527997559823 Jun '21 22:20Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo175013980401923 Jun '21 22:12Challenge Player
Standard memberNoor He So1189582236023 Jun '21 22:10Challenge Player
Standard memberJacco13662311111081223 Jun '21 22:10Challenge Player
Standard membercornelis12507161805231323 Jun '21 22:09Challenge Player
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