NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberCHADp1200000011 Oct '22 08:25Challenge Player
Standard membervongucp1200110017 Sep '21 17:11Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp1200101006 May '21 07:46Challenge Player
Standard memberNinop1200000028 Mar '21 18:28Challenge Player
Standard memberSammy4969p1200202017 Feb '21 15:29Challenge Player
Standard memberHBisbetterthanGPp107719514005 May '20 12:23Challenge Player
Standard memberJussone1111p1200000025 Apr '20 15:59Challenge Player
Standard membermark969p1379826002 Apr '20 19:09Challenge Player
Standard memberKvngsBakp1200101002 Mar '20 01:01Challenge Player
Standard memberdavid000p1200000016 Jan '20 12:37Challenge Player
Standard member0f849d93fcp1200000012 Apr '19 16:37Challenge Player
Standard memberChristoffeskip1200211029 Dec '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard memberRemovedp1200000003 Oct '18 08:59Challenge Player
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