NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membergiotti13829054174543409 Jun '23 08:50Challenge Player
SubscriberSmall Animal1005163873671718508 Jun '23 15:10Challenge Player
Standard memberturnerburner11921178232322 Dec '22 14:17Challenge Player
Standard memberimperialcall15521135848703 Sep '22 18:41Challenge Player
Standard memberAmarelis93621059146504 Oct '20 14:00Challenge Player
Standard memberVictor palmap1200101018 Jul '20 05:25Challenge Player
Standard memberSamuel11p1200202019 Nov '19 15:12Challenge Player
Standard memberc antunes19653452281031418 Jul '18 09:57Challenge Player
Standard membermozz791590655112220 Oct '14 05:05Challenge Player
Standard memberJorgeMartinsp1200110028 May '13 14:40Challenge Player
Standard memberi am youp1200303001 Nov '12 16:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMunni601p1200202025 Nov '11 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberMalifixiap1200101028 Oct '11 19:51Challenge Player
Standard memberAdilson Claudinethp1200000019 Aug '11 14:48Challenge Player
Standard memberMicklassp1200422001 Aug '11 13:42Challenge Player
Standard memberdispensador1469452814315 Apr '11 19:06Challenge Player
Standard memberlobenzop115916313016 Mar '11 07:39Challenge Player
Standard membersaiintp1200101002 Sep '10 23:12Challenge Player
Standard memberthatguyheisp1200101006 Aug '10 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberDLEE11781273442320127 Nov '09 13:59Challenge Player
Standard membermachamba145137316007 Nov '09 03:01Challenge Player
Standard memberNico Trautp1200110018 May '09 18:42Challenge Player
Standard memberjsap1200101031 Jan '09 19:25Challenge Player
Standard memberdahveed1972p1200101007 Jan '09 14:58Challenge Player
Standard memberAbuseYouMannersp1200202007 Jan '09 07:58Challenge Player
Standard membercassanovep1026505012 Aug '08 14:16Challenge Player
Standard memberRoldizzyp1200101013 Jul '08 18:41Challenge Player
Standard memberlynkoukai181269643222 Jun '08 15:48Challenge Player
Standard memberF S 30p1014707023 Jan '08 12:34Challenge Player
Standard memberTony1231265341816006 Aug '07 10:58Challenge Player
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