NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberLuis Diazonline136216247438374416 Apr '24 04:46Challenge Player
Standard memberVikthoronline130469573075367121116 Apr '24 04:40Challenge Player
Standard memberEMCB1654188695361332016 Apr '24 04:18Challenge Player
Standard memberrobersr11453195110727988116 Apr '24 04:17Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo63911190205780512252716 Apr '24 04:10Challenge Player
SubscriberRicardo Lago D13102039996816 Apr '24 04:03Challenge Player
Standard memberMIQUIWIN12021142780716 Apr '24 03:45Challenge Player
Standard memberFersan106526091166316 Apr '24 03:44Challenge Player
Standard memberQuijote1092255118128916 Apr '24 03:20Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstirito127415896848743116 Apr '24 03:17Challenge Player
Standard memberRaulitoShow1305533516216 Apr '24 02:59Challenge Player
Standard memberclockwork11449147367965014416 Apr '24 02:37Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas12039094044861916 Apr '24 01:53Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo13053207155315708416 Apr '24 01:37Challenge Player
SubscriberMontyMoose13282129990100913016 Apr '24 01:24Challenge Player
Standard memberdeangazeley13616044291581716 Apr '24 01:15Challenge Player
Standard memberricardochico10508122535283116 Apr '24 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj10982692121114265516 Apr '24 00:27Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson1310188276710793616 Apr '24 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico11052993151814423315 Apr '24 23:57Challenge Player
Standard memberGABRIELCASTILLO12463591621871015 Apr '24 23:49Challenge Player
Subscriberjrps3312232972144514517615 Apr '24 23:40Challenge Player
Standard memberdocasillas11546402993221915 Apr '24 23:14Challenge Player
Standard memberRancho1198340151184515 Apr '24 21:59Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1317522754232415 Apr '24 19:06Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin131711947354194015 Apr '24 17:43Challenge Player
Subscriberrogers4130910465424693515 Apr '24 17:17Challenge Player
SubscriberTalem161459965349153708103015 Apr '24 08:48Challenge Player
Standard memberPointPlayer1612684817314 Apr '24 23:43Challenge Player
Standard memberVHMC13322681411012614 Apr '24 07:46Challenge Player
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