NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberLou Lopez123350418102 Apr '23 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo12912783135713547202 Apr '23 10:58Challenge Player
Standard memberRaulitoShowp127917124102 Apr '23 10:57Challenge Player
Standard memberMarc Fetcher138811715915522802 Apr '23 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberFred Valdez17971087924502 Apr '23 10:51Challenge Player
Standard memberMIQUIWIN1115471134202 Apr '23 09:02Challenge Player
Standard memberEMCB1715181491259830402 Apr '23 05:44Challenge Player
Standard memberrobersr1142517189307137502 Apr '23 05:34Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo63911078179370410642502 Apr '23 04:53Challenge Player
Standard memberRancho11051626297302 Apr '23 04:49Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1333490703962402 Apr '23 04:40Challenge Player
Standard memberricardochico12127802504993102 Apr '23 04:14Challenge Player
SubscriberRicardo Lago D1339794333302 Apr '23 03:41Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstirito126215196458443002 Apr '23 03:07Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico10932878146913763302 Apr '23 02:29Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson1303175471410073302 Apr '23 02:07Challenge Player
Standard memberclockwork11507131762157212402 Apr '23 01:03Challenge Player
Standard memberQuijote1160250118123902 Apr '23 00:50Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj12022460110813025002 Apr '23 00:13Challenge Player
Standard memberYiZuz Avendaño Gonzalez153114913511302 Apr '23 00:00Challenge Player
Standard memberVikthor135868483021362020701 Apr '23 23:53Challenge Player
Standard memberdeangazeley11995724001551701 Apr '23 23:51Challenge Player
Standard memberPointPlayer1585543913201 Apr '23 23:38Challenge Player
Standard memberdocasillas12165982733061901 Apr '23 22:38Challenge Player
Subscriberrogers412759895124453201 Apr '23 21:46Challenge Player
Standard memberCoffeeDrinker181119290752701 Apr '23 21:45Challenge Player
Standard memberVHMC1446251135912501 Apr '23 16:40Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin133411547094073801 Apr '23 14:44Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro998848383604473101 Apr '23 14:36Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas12198053454411901 Apr '23 14:03Challenge Player
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