NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberFred Valdez1714896421401 Oct '22 01:35Challenge Player
Standard memberjebedo6391129916666729702401 Oct '22 01:18Challenge Player
Standard memberMarc Fetcher148111305775262701 Oct '22 01:14Challenge Player
SubscriberTerry Hanson130316846869653301 Oct '22 01:09Challenge Player
Standard memberCoffeeDrinker180016980652401 Oct '22 00:27Challenge Player
Standard memberrobersr1150815828496646901 Oct '22 00:27Challenge Player
Subscriberrolguin130811417004043701 Oct '22 00:07Challenge Player
Standard memberogodo12522562125312446501 Oct '22 00:01Challenge Player
Standard memberchesstirito123114876288302930 Sep '22 23:50Challenge Player
Standard memberdaisydixiechico10742834145413483230 Sep '22 23:48Challenge Player
Standard memberclockwork11510125659254611830 Sep '22 23:48Challenge Player
Standard memberivanpvrj11622336105512354630 Sep '22 23:45Challenge Player
Standard memberdomo casillas12347393134081830 Sep '22 23:41Challenge Player
Subscriberjrps3312672507123212175830 Sep '22 23:22Challenge Player
Standard memberLuis Diaz 21150253138110530 Sep '22 23:16Challenge Player
Standard memberRcruzti10391515096530 Sep '22 23:10Challenge Player
Standard memberLuis Diaz129314316277663830 Sep '22 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberEdiEberle130020512376630 Sep '22 21:39Challenge Player
Standard memberYiZuz Avendaño Gonzalez15421261158330 Sep '22 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberdocasillas11765822623011930 Sep '22 20:45Challenge Player
Standard memberlunatour1302475653862430 Sep '22 18:47Challenge Player
Standard memberricardochico11447622414903130 Sep '22 16:01Challenge Player
SubscriberEMCB1675178388959230230 Sep '22 15:40Challenge Player
Standard memberRancho1177773639230 Sep '22 15:32Challenge Player
Standard memberdeangazeley12675543911461730 Sep '22 15:18Challenge Player
Standard memberQuijote1142240113118930 Sep '22 13:50Challenge Player
Standard memberRaulitoShowp1200110030 Sep '22 13:24Challenge Player
Standard memberVHMC1428242130892330 Sep '22 12:25Challenge Player
Standard memberMIQUIWINp10841339130 Sep '22 05:38Challenge Player
SubscriberTalem16152893374764357699730 Sep '22 04:51Challenge Player
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