NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberJaneandTobyonline869175621011216 Apr '24 05:24Challenge Player
Standard memberAngry Boy1402210693599517616 Apr '24 05:20Challenge Player
Standard memberTimotheus06215651258238516 Apr '24 04:42Challenge Player
Subscribertedmatly91178503744391818816 Apr '24 04:38Challenge Player
Standard memberRoberttyler99110845385024416 Apr '24 04:08Challenge Player
Standard membervindaloo too155315588016609716 Apr '24 03:47Challenge Player
Subscribertaff438134141231902203019116 Apr '24 03:37Challenge Player
Standard membercardiffwizard115640461788201724116 Apr '24 03:13Challenge Player
Standard memberNo good boyo11154782132521316 Apr '24 02:04Challenge Player
SubscriberAndySpry12734912722091016 Apr '24 01:54Challenge Player
Standard memberml2320381813144322514516 Apr '24 01:25Challenge Player
Standard memberWelshoz13694451822521116 Apr '24 01:20Challenge Player
Subscriberpeterbingham120017838529112015 Apr '24 23:48Challenge Player
SubscriberWhitekni6ht2206314286181015 Apr '24 23:27Challenge Player
Subscribercawsddyn1302103454850493456115 Apr '24 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberOwenf8613862741611031015 Apr '24 22:32Challenge Player
Standard membercupking1115823702301221815 Apr '24 21:51Challenge Player
Standard memberPhilVineRob902643225715 Apr '24 21:40Challenge Player
Standard memberPricey 6312077384053181515 Apr '24 20:58Challenge Player
SubscriberRod Bowden10982638140611646815 Apr '24 20:48Challenge Player
Subscriberjd77154840851885187033015 Apr '24 20:45Challenge Player
Subscribergalesh135019059888625515 Apr '24 20:41Challenge Player
SubscriberRicki Jenkins155627220167415 Apr '24 20:40Challenge Player
Standard membergoldfinger1512826933493261815 Apr '24 20:33Challenge Player
Standard membermonty6271987231780814397015 Apr '24 20:27Challenge Player
Standard memberphoebeecarrp1200211015 Apr '24 20:24Challenge Player
Standard memberboris9991541314273261515 Apr '24 20:04Challenge Player
Standard membergriff7913381028522499715 Apr '24 20:02Challenge Player
Standard memberJB198011857013053752115 Apr '24 20:00Challenge Player
Standard memberphoulamboule12362791421251215 Apr '24 19:55Challenge Player
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