NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberFMF114811724427062424 Sep '23 10:02Challenge Player
Subscriberjecidi156638591848165835324 Sep '23 09:11Challenge Player
Standard memberRiskamil0297p1200000024 Sep '23 04:33Challenge Player
Standard memberucme222169551716425310023 Sep '23 01:36Challenge Player
Standard memberhizaqqqqqp1200000022 Sep '23 09:58Challenge Player
Standard memberNht Keker Bllgp1200000021 Sep '23 04:05Challenge Player
Standard memberEvri98p1200110020 Sep '23 19:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSarjun014p1200000017 Sep '23 15:14Challenge Player
Standard memberKirap1200000006 Sep '23 03:36Challenge Player
Standard membergoyebp1200000029 Aug '23 12:46Challenge Player
Standard memberDedi Ramdanip1200101013 Aug '23 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberThiap1200000008 Aug '23 04:11Challenge Player
Standard memberMuhammad Tidar Suryabangkitp1200000003 Aug '23 20:08Challenge Player
Standard memberKenclenk Ain Danap1200303030 Jul '23 12:15Challenge Player
Standard memberMarioChessp1200101023 Jul '23 13:38Challenge Player
Standard membersekarayu2p1200000014 Jul '23 10:35Challenge Player
Standard memberCaturBadakp1200101011 Jul '23 09:36Challenge Player
Standard memberagoengp1200000003 Jul '23 09:32Challenge Player
Standard memberpoerp1200440026 Jun '23 12:03Challenge Player
Standard memberJohan Kump1200211014 Jun '23 02:09Challenge Player
Standard memberAEKOWIp1200404005 Jun '23 15:15Challenge Player
Standard memberAgungGodp1200101018 May '23 20:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbigbrothercornerp1200202008 May '23 11:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMuhammad Ubaidillahp1200101030 Apr '23 12:27Challenge Player
Standard memberMfzap1200101027 Apr '23 14:43Challenge Player
Standard memberAblehp1428942327 Apr '23 05:10Challenge Player
Standard memberindraS22p1200000016 Apr '23 09:17Challenge Player
Standard memberHONDA02p1200101013 Apr '23 07:47Challenge Player
Standard memberBryant22p1200101002 Apr '23 18:56Challenge Player
Standard memberAgusJatnikap1200000009 Mar '23 09:28Challenge Player
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