NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberjecidi153337631797162134528 Jan '23 14:28Challenge Player
Standard memberucme22217175071612479926 Jan '23 23:38Challenge Player
Standard memberRokhman Saifullohp1200101026 Jan '23 01:32Challenge Player
Standard memberahandono200016791148921425 Jan '23 23:52Challenge Player
Standard memberRammer17p1200000025 Jan '23 11:57Challenge Player
SubscriberFMF109811464266972317 Jan '23 06:19Challenge Player
Standard memberMuda Pardamean Harahapp1200000013 Jan '23 06:50Challenge Player
Standard memberEmanuel Fernandezp1200000012 Jan '23 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberngentotp1200000012 Jan '23 02:49Challenge Player
Standard membercaeskyyp1200101010 Jan '23 21:44Challenge Player
Standard membermuhammadhaykalfirdausp1200000003 Jan '23 04:56Challenge Player
Standard memberHeroes Infinityp1200101002 Jan '23 09:49Challenge Player
Standard memberPriZhlip1200202031 Dec '22 11:05Challenge Player
Standard memberposma19971587805026431 Dec '22 03:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBoscha8586p1200000026 Dec '22 18:23Challenge Player
Standard memberAidil92p1200000025 Dec '22 13:39Challenge Player
Standard memberalifp1200000023 Dec '22 07:06Challenge Player
Standard memberaramirap1200000019 Dec '22 13:29Challenge Player
Standard memberMomon Mulyadip1200000013 Dec '22 04:13Challenge Player
Standard memberjaka404p1200000007 Dec '22 03:43Challenge Player
Standard memberNick18p1200000004 Dec '22 05:06Challenge Player
Standard memberRustam Aji176010470241003 Dec '22 23:55Challenge Player
Standard memberWirokp1200000025 Nov '22 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberIndra Permanap1200202023 Nov '22 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberRahmat88p1200000019 Nov '22 03:39Challenge Player
Standard memberEliudp1200000009 Nov '22 01:11Challenge Player
Standard memberHarstap1200000008 Nov '22 04:41Challenge Player
Standard memberYennip1200000006 Nov '22 16:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRenonz93p1200101004 Nov '22 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberarsy2011p1200000023 Oct '22 10:30Challenge Player
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