NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberKiraks79online11821115551520 Jan '22 11:06Challenge Player
Standard memberjaanu11117012135104710058320 Jan '22 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberarun s13037393463514220 Jan '22 10:52Challenge Player
Standard membergaurav6806713697523983203420 Jan '22 10:52Challenge Player
Standard memberPRADEEPKUMARCA171818012252620 Jan '22 10:44Challenge Player
SubscriberRobin babu2291336234534920 Jan '22 10:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAxed147927116696920 Jan '22 10:28Challenge Player
Standard membervinayakjoshi210727651440108823720 Jan '22 10:20Challenge Player
Standard memberNatwar1220261134124320 Jan '22 10:04Challenge Player
Standard memberMAQ Remote Solutions1575867610020 Jan '22 09:42Challenge Player
Standard memberChandraSekhar14634962112572820 Jan '22 09:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJairaman1430179660911543320 Jan '22 09:16Challenge Player
Standard membergavilal13315342482612520 Jan '22 09:16Challenge Player
Standard memberDestinyIndia13744182031991620 Jan '22 08:48Challenge Player
Standard memberAUGUST2815234171232801420 Jan '22 08:38Challenge Player
Standard memberbhoslegoa1362774729120 Jan '22 08:37Challenge Player
Standard memberRon007147630220197420 Jan '22 08:21Challenge Player
Standard memberbalucivil12536022583311320 Jan '22 08:17Challenge Player
Standard memberRam Guna10234231712411120 Jan '22 08:10Challenge Player
Standard memberhari1974141713887246362820 Jan '22 07:58Challenge Player
Standard memberakmsai11708134823181320 Jan '22 07:53Challenge Player
Standard memberGkr14561156549120 Jan '22 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberYessian Robinson138211995016415720 Jan '22 05:16Challenge Player
Standard memberKhanSajid135014608086262620 Jan '22 04:58Challenge Player
Standard membersunilshindekar14935002541974920 Jan '22 04:45Challenge Player
Standard membersachin wawre12692871351381420 Jan '22 04:20Challenge Player
Standard memberpanantha13863101601321820 Jan '22 04:04Challenge Player
Standard memberGaurav Kanaujiya15514792592061420 Jan '22 04:03Challenge Player
Standard memberSylar Bane971741950520 Jan '22 03:50Challenge Player
Standard memberpranjalko1174972565720 Jan '22 03:37Challenge Player
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