NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberChandraSekharonline14156042653073229 Jun '22 09:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBSREEHARIonline116619390101229 Jun '22 09:54Challenge Player
Standard memberscorpio00713783812501201129 Jun '22 09:34Challenge Player
Standard membertriraman17502227889115118729 Jun '22 09:27Challenge Player
Standard membergaurav6806714758834783654029 Jun '22 09:11Challenge Player
Standard memberbalucivil12847213103951629 Jun '22 08:54Challenge Player
Standard memberNatwar1215274141129429 Jun '22 08:34Challenge Player
Standard memberjaanu11116152265111510658529 Jun '22 08:31Challenge Player
Standard memberKiraks7911191265961629 Jun '22 08:23Challenge Player
Standard membertejus135070293180332752229 Jun '22 08:18Challenge Player
Standard membervkvasudevan1209332179144929 Jun '22 07:54Challenge Player
Standard membersunilshindekar14825242662075129 Jun '22 07:52Challenge Player
Standard memberRam Guna9535072012911529 Jun '22 07:33Challenge Player
Standard memberAUGUST2814814551393021429 Jun '22 07:13Challenge Player
Standard memberRathinamp1200110029 Jun '22 06:46Challenge Player
Standard memberbhoslegoa13561377758229 Jun '22 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberKrishnan Iyer1293864636429 Jun '22 05:56Challenge Player
Standard memberakmsai11528915243541329 Jun '22 05:52Challenge Player
Standard membergavilal12315422482692529 Jun '22 05:22Challenge Player
Standard memberJairaman1435183462211783429 Jun '22 05:12Challenge Player
Standard memberGaurav Kanaujiya14765352772411729 Jun '22 05:00Challenge Player
Standard memberradcaesar1599274173891229 Jun '22 04:41Challenge Player
Standard memberknightrider1335894641229 Jun '22 04:13Challenge Player
Standard membervijendra dubey1546684719229 Jun '22 03:34Challenge Player
Standard memberjyothilite129917763107729 Jun '22 03:18Challenge Player
Standard memberhari1974132114187386522829 Jun '22 03:06Challenge Player
Standard memberYessian Robinson132013235567026529 Jun '22 02:32Challenge Player
Standard membersachin wawre12743321621541629 Jun '22 02:10Challenge Player
Standard memberDilakraj Lanion15161579157929 Jun '22 01:06Challenge Player
Standard memberKhanSajid129315728716732829 Jun '22 01:00Challenge Player
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