NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberbag3online1435909535894064144229 Jun '22 09:39Challenge Player
Standard membereddithor1292167386369211829 Jun '22 09:33Challenge Player
Standard membermulgabill161645962407193825129 Jun '22 09:17Challenge Player
Standard memberStyrmir Gunnarsson1480896420529 Jun '22 09:13Challenge Player
Standard memberSkeggi15394792141679829 Jun '22 07:29Challenge Player
SubscriberGunni124676103404383836829 Jun '22 06:04Challenge Player
Standard memberlatrommi144021882133328 Jun '22 18:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBjörgvin Agnarsson14288654563872228 Jun '22 16:09Challenge Player
Subscriberjar pen2257664711828 Jun '22 15:40Challenge Player
SubscriberRJFischer181642374128 Jun '22 08:25Challenge Player
Standard memberKRingur14828039261525 Jun '22 14:38Challenge Player
Standard memberNefapi2067218187181314 Jun '22 22:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAsdee12941389140709 May '22 21:04Challenge Player
SubscriberAki J130299364707479243704 May '22 23:48Challenge Player
Standard memberbirkir8224972062702130 Mar '22 18:54Challenge Player
Subscribertomasino1793372267921323 Mar '22 03:39Challenge Player
Standard memberBigSick148719292653519 Feb '22 21:42Challenge Player
Standard memberSverriringi912701357014 Jan '22 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberPANCOLp1546934225 Dec '21 15:37Challenge Player
Standard membergoldokrak16432821041572121 Dec '21 12:08Challenge Player
Standard memberValgardurp1200110009 Oct '21 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberOli The Viking11741647487314 Sep '21 10:05Challenge Player
Standard memberGisli108718928569795721 Aug '21 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberKiddiDerpp1209835027 Jul '21 10:26Challenge Player
Standard memberpallih11254281792301906 Jun '21 20:32Challenge Player
Standard memberShrimpman14691417662301 Jun '21 17:05Challenge Player
Standard memberOskar Hilmarsson146229148727 May '21 15:16Challenge Player
Standard memberfechtensteinp837505012 Mar '21 02:51Challenge Player
Standard memberSmári McCarthyp133411110011 Feb '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberSara Oskarssonp1200101007 Feb '21 20:59Challenge Player
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