NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberbag31389978738884381151823 Mar '23 04:19Challenge Player
SubscriberGisli130419599029976022 Mar '23 21:20Challenge Player
Standard memberStyrmir Gunnarsson146915210737822 Mar '23 19:07Challenge Player
SubscriberGunni122381593629414838222 Mar '23 19:06Challenge Player
Subscriberjar pen2294745212122 Mar '23 17:57Challenge Player
SubscriberRJFischer20581149913222 Mar '23 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberFinnur Frimann Gudrunarsson1256392018122 Mar '23 16:19Challenge Player
Standard memberThorsteinn Lavoque13906312053586822 Mar '23 10:49Challenge Player
Standard memberOlafurHansenp1200000022 Mar '23 08:54Challenge Player
Standard memberlatrommi142521982134316 Mar '23 22:08Challenge Player
Standard memberNefapi2044220187191402 Mar '23 17:03Challenge Player
Standard memberKRingur14919043291819 Feb '23 10:46Challenge Player
Standard membergoldokrak16142861041612114 Feb '23 20:10Challenge Player
Standard membermulgabill168846272424194925403 Feb '23 18:45Challenge Player
Standard memberAsdee132315710247817 Jan '23 15:54Challenge Player
Standard memberBigSick148219693663718 Dec '22 08:33Challenge Player
SubscriberAki J1288100994783487644013 Dec '22 16:58Challenge Player
Standard memberSveddi182523192207 Dec '22 10:22Challenge Player
Standard memberpallih10844381822342205 Nov '22 15:25Challenge Player
Standard membereddithor1262169787470511801 Nov '22 20:45Challenge Player
Standard memberBjörgvin Agnarsson12419074664172419 Oct '22 22:05Challenge Player
Standard memberSkeggi152749221917310001 Oct '22 21:24Challenge Player
Standard memberTomasAp1685550026 Sep '22 11:16Challenge Player
Standard memberPANCOLp16271365209 Sep '22 16:00Challenge Player
Standard memberbirkir8224972062702101 Sep '22 14:21Challenge Player
Subscribertomasino1793372267921323 Mar '22 03:39Challenge Player
Standard memberSverriringi912701357014 Jan '22 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberValgardurp1200110009 Oct '21 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberOli The Viking11741647487314 Sep '21 10:05Challenge Player
Standard memberKiddiDerpp1209835027 Jul '21 10:26Challenge Player
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